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  • DavidA - Start Using Early

    I have been using this or comparable brands for 25 years. I started using before I had any major hair loss and my hair density has remained the same. If you are already starting to have significant hair loss, I don't think this will give you a miracle.

  • Joseph Ligotti - Not for big-spoons or stomach-sleepers

    Sleep is an incredibly subjective thing and the firmness of your mattress can take a while to adjust to. I personally think 100 nights was too short of a grace period for me to have figured out that the Casper was way too firm for my body. I also think the firmness of casper's memory foam is not suitable for people who sleep on their stomachs with their arms folded under the pillow. The firmness of the foam does not allow enough give for my arms to get enough circulation. I would often wake up in the middle of the night with the pins and needles of a dead arm. Sleeping with a partner as the big spoon also sucked. Lying sideways on a shoulder with an arm tucked under your man's pillow lead to the same dead limbs.

  • Rocco Riccardi - Unfortunately, Not miserable-proof

    I purchased this book 2 years ago, and I enjoyed it greatly at first. My culinary skills were greatly improved from cereal and ramen to lukewarm potato and ramen.

  • David B - Concept seems great but did not work today for me

    You want a new way to get caffeine in your body, so you see this stick that you stir in the drink. This is the pureLYFT Energy Stir Sticks - Clean Caffeine Supplement - Zero Calories - All Natural (1 Package, 6 Sticks) from pureLyft. I will admit I was intrigued by this product and wanted to give it a shot because I always get tired at work and want a product to wake up/feel more energetic that has no real side effects or afternoon jitters. I said why not try this out and see for myself since it seems from here most people are fans. Well I used it today for the first time and peeled the label off and stuck in my drink of choice and stirred for 10 seconds like the directions said. I was adding this to an already sweet drink but wanted to see if I felt less tired. I really wanted to love this product but I still felt really tired even after waiting a couple of hours. I did not get any afternoon jitters which is a good thing and I did not have any bad side effects so that is also a good thing. But it did not wake me up, or do anything for that matter. Then I tried taking it again, an hour ago and still do not feel anything. So not sure why it does not give me any energy but I am still really tired and have no motivation at the moment. So I cannot give this a 5 stars but I can say no jitters or bad side effects which I am glad of. It does not have any calories either which some would love that too. But for me I will try the rest o the 6 pack as it has not hurt me in any way but not sure if I can recommend this until I see it working. I know nothing will do magic but thought it would help me feel better at work.

  • Gregory A Gentry - They finally got the price down to a reasonable value ...

    They finally got the price down to a reasonable value. Prior to my buying this subscription the price for the Kindle subscription was greater than the price for the mailed version.