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  • Cindy H. - Purchased this and fits Great!

    We just purchased a dodge ram 3500 diesel. First time we stopped for diesel more cap! Purchased this and fits Great!

  • ShirazSun - Never leave home without it

    I drink wine daily--red, almost exclusively--and typically need to keep an opened bottle 1-3 days. This device makes the difference between still reasonably good and undrinkable. I have kept a bottle as long as seven days and still found it drinkable. (Note: I also refrigerate after opening).

  • richard 75 - I couldn't put it down

    What a read. Kept me up all night. Entertaining, witty and clever. When I reached the last page, tear in my eyes, and stumbled to my computer, I still couldn't make a damn Excel spreadsheet to save myself.

  • AE Horn - Cute Puppy, No Poopy

    My daughter saved her money to buy this puppy and she has been very happy with it--the second time. We had to send the original back because it was making a weird noise, but the second works well. She named it Sunshine and carries it around wherever she goes. Best part--no potty training accidents!

  • B2T2 - I would rate this book a "10" if I could

    This book is worth its weight in gold. Anyone who has been diagnosed with any form of cancer should read this book PRIOR to accepting treatment in the medical world. With the proper cooperation between medical doctors and naturopathy, many people could be healed without enduring the hardship of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Who wouldn't want to avoid that if they could? I have purchased so many copies of this book and handed them out because I believe in what it says, and I know it to be true.

  • Aria - Buy it!

    I bought this on the recommendation of Jan M. Dougherty's book, The Lost Art of House Cleaning. I'm glad I did, because it is everything she said it was. I tested it on the cruddy wall behind my friend's stove. This woman has lived in that apartment for 22 years, smoked in it, cooked on that stove - and never, ever cleaned the wall between the top of the stove and the cabinets above. I'll leave it to your imagination what that was like! But I had to cook there for a short while and had to clean it up. I used all-purpose spray cleaner. Nothing. That crud didn't budge. I used a green scrubbie and Comet. Some of it came up but those little dots of brown from grease and cigarette smoke that hardened on the spot wouldn't budge. So the next time I was there, I brought Krud Kutter, sprayed it on full-strength, waited about 40 seconds and rubbed with one of those green scrubbie cloths and guess what?! It all came clean. And I didn't really have to scrub.