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  • Cynthia Lambert - Satsifies the Munchies

    I bought the Keebler Cookie and Cheez Variety Pack because my husband and I like all of the items in this box from Amazon Pantry. The Cheez-It's were fresh, the iced cookies were good but the chocolate chips were hard.

  • Amazon Customer - Great cellulite gel

    I love this stuff! Makes dimpling diminish significantly. Absorbs quickly. Makes my thighs very smooth also. Love the product!

  • Lance - A must have

    I grew up with Mötley Crüe started listening to them around the carnival of Sins tour when I was about 11 years old. I saw Mötley Crüe live 5x over a course of two years. Kansas City, MO twice, Evansvile Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana and Linclon Nebraska. Over the course of the next 10 years they became my 2nd favorite band period. There music is beyond kick ass and will always be close to me. I was fortunate enough to see this movie when it came to theaters this summer for one night only. This is a must have for any Mötley Crüe fan well worth the buy.

  • Uncle Richi - Upgrade does not work

    I am upgrading from the 2008 edition with a single defalut instance on windows 7. I run the systems configuration checker and no issues were found. Then I select "upgrade from sql..." on the installation tab and it seems to go through the same checks and they all pass. As the installation proceeds I get reporting services conectivitiy errors saying something about compatability level, collation which are bogus cause its a 2008 repoting services db and the collation is the default. So I figure it's because the service isn't running so I start it and the installation proceeds. Next I get a message box which says the name is in use but does not tell you what the name is. Some 2-3 hours later, I get failures at the end because the mssqlserver, default instance is in use. Well of course it is, I'm upgrading. I don't want to create another instance. I want to use the default. I found that I was able to run 2012 and it had the user dbs under the mssqlserver instance. The install seemed to remove most but not all of 2008. So I removed it manually and I think I ran a repair afterwards. I have so far an unresolved issue where although I am able to deploy and run reports using the web page, I am unable to run reportmanager. Data Quality services requires an additional step after the install of clicking on a short-cut to complete the install. Master data services requires that the iis be installed, actually you have to activate the feature, as well as other features because it is a web app and needs iis to run. This creates an additional pain of setup and configuration of the iis. I was getting error 500.21 when trying to run mds and I found the fix was to reinstall the latest framework using aspnet_regiis.exe -i. Distributed Replay is a disappiontment because it is command line only. There is no gui for it. So if you want to replay using a shorter connect and think times to simulate a heavier load, you have to manually edit a file.

  • Robert Nagle - worth reading and rereading--savvy advice

    Richard Bolles has published a new version of this book every year. I read it first in college and used it extensively when I worked as a career counselour. I also used it for career seminars. I can honestly say that every edition seems to be quite different from previous versions, so it is not a waste of money at all to buy a more recent version. (the most recent editions seem to talk about online job search, appropriately enough)As a writer, I can admire his work for its readability, sense of humor and gritty realism. Bolles tells some remarkable stories and while not directly applicable to your career area, they make you aware of how similiar job searching is regardless of your field. Before reading this, you should be aware of what this book is NOT: it does not provide resume advice nor does it provide very much advice about general trends in the job market. This book is a sobering dose of reality, but the interesting thing is that the reader finds this information heartening rather than disappointing because it unmasks many of the treacherous parts of the job search process. As such, this book is a great gift for a loved one who is out of work. It will make them feel good about themselves, and that is good, because a lot of unemployed approach job searches with a chip on their shoulder.

  • Petra - More a slow character study than an exciting thriller

    Matthew, an unemployed and struggling chef, accompanies his wealthy cousin, Charlie, and Charlie's wife, Chloe, to their idyllic country house for the summer. Through secrets, suspicions, and jealousy cracks in their relationships are revealed, as Matthew becomes increasingly obsessed with Chloe and her behavior.