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  • David Leach - Works great when it will start.

    I have had this unit for just over a year and I am disappointed with this unit, when it works it does a wonderful job, but the unit easily becomes plugged up even with fuel stabilizer ran through it. I have had to clean this unit twice now to get it to run correctly, and I constantly use stabalizer to prevent it from having carbon build up. But went to start the unit again and it will not start, changed spark plug, cleaned air filter and still nothing. The design leads me to think that this will be a constant issue. I bought two of these units and my father is having the same issue.

  • Neil - Activation Nightmare for multiple machines

    As a person who manages 30+ machines for a small company i find that Microsoft not offering activation simply by entering the key on the machine, but by connecting it via a MS live account is absolutely annoying. i have upgraded 5 machines and every time (except for the first 2) i grab the wrong License from my list of licenses in my MS live account which then forces me to call for the activation verification code. God only knows if i have over lapped some of the activation's. i will have to buy another to get one more critical machine up-to-date, but i will and recommend anyone else not to buy this till Microsoft changes their activation policy. the other thought on this is that this is all linked to my Live account what happens if i get hit by a bus then what is my company going to do. so much for security when i have to shared my credentials with other to ensure that life goes on. thank you but no thank you Microsoft!!!

  • meredith - Levoit is a good company and I'm really pleased with the quality and effectiveness of the purchase!

    After moving to Texas and never having allergies while living in the mid west, I have consistently had a sinus infection plus,more recently, chest infections from all the different allergens they have in the suburbs of Houston. I've tried everything, every antihystimine, nasal spray, allergy shot, antibiotic, different diet, religiously adhering to allergy sufferer websites but nothing helped-I was sure I'd just be miserable pretty much forever.

  • Emma58 - Didn't do anything

    I read all the reviews for this product as I have arthritis in my fingers. It didn't change anything. I use a product called anatabloc and it works better and much cheaper.

  • Marina - Really Pretty Diffuser that Goes With Any Decor, Works Very Efficiently

    This Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser came packed in a cardboard box for protection. It is a very nice shape and fits into any type of décor that you could imagine.