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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Kindri - interesting

    It was a fast read; contained story. I actually wish it were a longer series. It was a different take on magic than what I usually read and I'm fascinated with tattoos, so this was up my alley. Great read.

  • Super_Dork_42 - Best one ever. Just buy it already. EDIT NOPE, do not buy. Less than a month later update.

    Original review after, leaving it on here as an initial reaction. NEW REVIEW - Horrible protector. Fit well, easy to install, but the package says "exceptionally strong - Surface hardness of 9H (only a diamond is harder) that can withstand hits and dings. Tempered for shock and break resistance." This is clearly marketing bullcrap. First of all within days of applying it I started to notice microscratches. The thing is seeing that so soon wouldn't have been a problem if I hadn't had it in its case the entire time, which had a cover over the screen. I know I had it in my pocket but I wasn't carrying diamonds in there with it. According to the clearly false package, it shouldn't have scratched. Over the next few weeks it's gotten really bad. They are no longer microscratches. And the screen itself without a protector stood up to a lot more abuse with only a few microscratches over the months I've had it without the case and screen protector. Heck, my brother had one in the same case and it fell off a car roof moving at 55 mph and the screen didn't break. But this thing lasted less than a month before cracking, which it did this morning. This is the second screen protector of this type to fail within the first month. The other one was for my LG V10. DO NOT BUY THIS. It looks nice, is nice and thin and won't get in the way of your usage, but unless you have money to waste, get a different one because the so called protection only lasts a month at best. In fact, this lasted only 39 days from time of order to failure, not even the time of installation. The phone one failed three days earlier and I bought it a week after this one. I contacted them and got my money back fast and easy (except the shipping cost - apparently I have to contact amazon directly for that) but I shouldn't have wasted my time with this in the first place.

  • Desarae - Feels clean

    I really like this stuff. My brother started on this while he was deployed and recommended it to me. One thing I miss is that minty fresh clean face feeling I get from clean and clear but it scrubs nice and feels smooth after I use it.

  • Brit Ne - This has a great smell and feels great after applies

    This has a great smell and feels great after applies. My skin sensitive and got irritated after a couple days of using it so I had to stop. I gave the product to my sister and she LOVES it! Her skin is taking really well to it and plans on getting more when she runs out. She says her face looks and feels great.

  • Amazon Customer - Great LG Refrigerator Filter!

    This filter saved me a couple bucks when I installed to it my LG refrigerator. The water taste great and filtered. It doesn't leave a weird taste after filtering out about 4-5 gallons through. This filter is not only affordable but its also compatible with other brands. If you need to repair your filter or are a repairman looking for affordable filters this is one of your best options. I received this product at a discount or free.