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  • activity gal - A must have

    The case for my kindle fire fit perfectly, which is always a plus. And I put it on with no trouble, no trying to convince it to go on. It took a few trial and errors to figure out how to stand it up, but after looking back on line at the picture, it clicked in my brain so now I can stand it up and read while eating breakfast. I love it. It protects my kindle nicely.

  • BobbyR - One great feature is that you can import online recipes right ...

    I've been hunting around for a recipe and meal planning program for about a year. This one is everything Iv'e been looking for. One great feature is that you can import online recipes right into your cookbook; complete with photos and nutritional info. Full featured, easy to use, intuitive, and priced right. I love it.

  • Chris McK - BEWARE - Cracked dome & no replacement

    I enjoyed using this oven but once the dome cracked like other reviews warn. I don't mind paying for a new one ($25.00) but the manufacturer has been out of them for months. Looks like another AS SEEN ON TV product in the trash!

  • gka4154 - this is one product that does what it promises

    I LOVE this product ---- use before bed and right after a shower and you will see a major difference.

  • Epilady - Excellent compilation of a wide variety of travel stories from varied locations

    In The Best American Travel Writing, edited by Theroux and Wilson, readers will find a variety of stories. Compiled from pieces already published, the stories run the gamut of laugh-out-loud funny (especially 50 Shades of Greyhound), poignant, heartbreaking, and philosophical. A few are translated from a different language into English. Most of the stories are on relatively well-known areas (London, Paris, Alaska, Bombay/Mumbai), there are also some stories about remote areas and include one where the author had been kidnapped for 460 days in Somalia. There is truly something here for every one. And each story is eloquently written - it's easy to see why the editors would have chosen them for inclusion into this compilation. In the Advance Reader Copy, there are 24 stories. And the nice part is that if one doesn't speak to you, you can move on to the next.

  • Timothy - It's OK

    I would say that this product is OK. I read the bad reviews and it's not that bad. It does suck up the crumbs off my kitchen floor and then it does steam. I just don't think it's capable of picking up something stuck on. I went over one spot three times. However, I would use this maybe 3 weeks out of the month, and then do a good scrubbing on my hands a knees once a month. There just really is no machine that can work like old fashioned elbow grease. IMO. Keeping up with the dirt is the best way to make the job easy.