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  • Steven M - I thought it was suppose to be more than just misleadingTrump bashing

    The book is filled with half truths and outright lies. He claims in the book that Trump requested that the Russian's hack Hillary's server; Trump actually said that if the Russian's had Hillary's deleted emails that they should turn them over to the FBI. I watched him say it. The emails were already off-line and the emails had already been deleted. This is just one example. There are many other examples. The book is a transparent hit job.

  • Henry Borges - Great!

    Bought these as a gift for my boyfriend, he works in a warehouse and runs all day. He says theyre very comfortable and have good support, breathe well and lace up easy. The cut is low and fits well around his ankles.

  • Draigg - Another awesome UAG case!

    I've had the iPhone 4, 4s & 5s and used UAG cases on each. I've tried many other cases and this one, IMHO, stands head & shoulders above the others. Now on my new 6 Plus this remains the case. Perfect fit, secure, strong, light and of course, very attractive. This is the first clear one I've had. Ordinarily I don't care what color my iPhone is because the case covers it. This time I pre-ordered my phone so I asked for the Gold/White and now I can have the peace of mind of putting on a very secure case AND can see the color of the back. I can even enjoy the small retro rainbow Apple logo sticker I put on it! I highly recommend this case!

  • Jeremy Jason G.R. - Works well for as long as I have it installed.

    my pc works has always worked well as long as norton is installed. once it is past the expiry date, which happened to me twice before and ive had to reinstall windows, had some really really malicious hard to remove stuff attach to my hdd.

  • Steve Garrison - Sole E 55-Really Alive

    The Sole E55 was delivered to my door in a very short time from the order date. It took me approximately 4 hours to assemble by myself. You can hardly hear a sound while using this machine. It has setting for the beginner as well as the advanced that make your work outs well defined. Had a Nordic Track prior and this machine is 100x's better.

  • Comesitbymyfire - Love It! -2021 Sienna XLE

    Whoa! --this is much better than the whip antenna. Our whip was bent in a car wash, and I worried this too might not survive, but it's a tough little bullet - shipped thing. --smaller than I thought and really good fit on our 2012 Sienna XLE. Total upgrade!

  • Franstuff - It is much more comfortable than others we've tried

    I am certainly pleasantly surprised at how well this actually does work. It is much more comfortable than others we've tried, and it stays put. Most importantly, I can hear, and the charge lasts most of a day.