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  • Ray Bloch - this is a good program

    It doesn't have the latest tax laws but for just good business record keeping this works for us. It is all you need for a small business that doesn't have to worry about tax laws that much.

  • J. Hinkle - Great idea, good camera when it connects, but it doesn't launch treats.

    I have connection issues with this all the time. To add to that, It doesn't launch treats at all. The dual stage treat launcher mechanism fills the treat chute with too many treats and then jams it up. It launches treats correctly maybe 5% of the time. There are lots of pet cameras out there that don't launch treats, this was supposed to be the big innovation, but it falls flat on its face. I've tried several different types of treats, even move of the same treats it came with, and it just doesn't work with any consistency.

  • Amazon Customer - Easy to use and work!

    My teeth are not the certainly not the whitest that they could be. The combination of having braces years ago when I was younger, along with the higher amounts of coffee and energy drinks that I consume have left me wishing that I had a whiter smile. I have always wondered what laser whitening, whitening strips, or even what the whitening gels would do for my teeth. Laser whitening is not in my budget, and even the whitening strips, such as the Crest ones, seem to be expensive. In looking for a cheaper solution, I came across these syringes (also discounted from the regular price) and I decided to give them a try. They are very easy to use, once you get the hang of putting them in properly. The biggest help I have found is wiping my teeth dry with a tissue or paper towel prior to applying them. I have tried the mouth guard with gel before, and I liked the ease of use and that it covered more area of my mouth (more teeth toward the back) and I feel that these work as good or better. The biggest key to teeth whitening is consistency. You have to make sure that you are constantly using them day after day and not taking big breaks between uses. My teeth haven’t gotten sparkling white (yet) but I did not expect them to be perfect. I did notice a shade or two whiter after using these – the whole set – and I am hoping that using them again will do even more for my smile!

  • Diana DeHaven - good product

    These black drip pans were what I wanted for an older stove in the house we bought, but the opening round and I need an oval opening to fit the heating coil plug through. I had to return the pans and the service was great.