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  • Veteran Owned, Operated, and Registered | SciKon - On behalf of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE), I am writing to inform you that your Veteran-owned small
  • SciFlow 1000 | SciKon - Cell signaling is not static; your cell culture shouldn't be either Meet SciFlowTM 1000; a fluidics culture system in a simple to use, low cost format  
  • Product Insert and Instruction Manual | SciKon - We have extensive experiences in SciFlow 1000 procedures, instructions, examples, tips, and FAQ. Some focused and "quick use" manuals are accessible in the drop
  • Catalog Categories Blood | SciKon - Blood is a specialized bodily fluid that delivers necessary nutrients to cells and transports metabolic waste away from cells.
  • Tissue Procurement | SciKon - Features and Advantages: We have established agreements to procure most tissue phenotypes. HUMAN TISSUE SAMPLES Source: Products are obtained via the
  • Catalog Categories Hepatocyte Media | SciKon - Specialized media specifically designed to support hepatocyte health and function
  • WEBINARS | SciKon - Learn about Bio-Applications using the SciFlow 1000 Fluidics Culture System, including: concentration vs. time kinetics; cell-cell signaling; discern exposure
  • SciFlow 1000 Webinars & BioApps | SciKon - Learn about Bio-Applications using the SciFlow 1000 Fluidics Culture System, including: concentration vs. time kinetics; cell-cell signaling; discern exposure
  • About Us | SciKon - SciKon is interdisciplinary. We merge living entities with engineered structures. We are recognized for our unique ability to pioneer human and animal primary
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  • Mark Twain - Good product!

    Initially, I tired this as an experiment and was pleasantly surprised to find out this REALLY works. Where I have been feeling too tired and run down to do anything after work, now I have alot of the energy and motivation that I used to have. I also haven't noticed any side effects.

  • Steven - Great Purchase!!!

    Great product!! Just what I needed to keep from waking my baby when checking temperature. I would highly recommend this product!

  • Flight Switch Panel - Flight Switch Panel

    The item offers a inexpensive opportunity to add additional realism to a training environment. Nicely mounts on top of the Saitek yoke assembly. Note, I say 'on top' which makes things a little different then the real world environment. But, still okay.

  • Southern Bella - I Did Notice One Difference...

    I had $30 less in my account for no good reason. I have IBS-C for whatever that's worth (a filler diagnosis for I it's S.omething...C.onstipation)! I was hoping this would kick start my colon. No such luck, neither this nor Florastor worked.

  • Rebecca - Unusable Software

    I've been a Quicken customer for over twenty years. I've bought the last couple of upgrades (Quicken 2009 and 2011) mainly due to operating system support changes, and 2014 was no different. Just like the 2011 product, the 2014 software is basically unusable because of performance. Every movement on the screen produces multiple screen refreshes. Quicken support has been incapable of providing guidance on a timeline for a fix. This will be the last update I ever purchase…you've lost yourself a customer, Intuit. Time to hire some developers who know how to code.

  • PCE Technology - Great Item

    Great item and the price was even better. Would recommend to anyone to buy. Works Great and use everyday. APLUS