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  • asad - Asad Husain

    Okay, so this book has gotten many good reviews. After I read it, I did get some good ideas about how to go about looking for a job. The rest of it was well, fluff for me. If you don't know what you want, this book might inspire you a little. If you are a novice on the internet -and anyone reading this isn't, the references in the book to good job resource websites are just that -a reference.

  • Denise - Kind of small, but does the trick

    It looks much larger in the picture but if you want a place to put your phone and maybe a water bottle (like the plastic type or a small one) then it is perfect. I wanted to use the Mommy Hook but the stroller manufacturer doesn't recommend hanging anything from the handle bar...this does the job, and the secret zipper compartment is where I can put some cash or cards for a quick trip to the store.

  • Amber - YES!

    I was so nervous to use this because I read a ton of reviews and seemed chances of passing a drug test were 50/50. But desperate times call for desperate measures. I needed to pass that test (Mary Jane). When I found out I had to take a test I was freaking out. I've never done any other drugs. I only smoke and I have my card. California needs to remove this from the drug tests, so stupid! Anyways I stopped smoking for 10 days. I took a home test and immediately failed. My appointment was scheduled for 10:45am. I woke up at 8:30 and drank a cup of water. Then started drinking the grape flavor qcarbo32. I expected it to taste worse. But on an empty stomach it's not the most fun. I had to drink some water and cranberry in between. I finished it by 9:30am. Then I drank 2 bottles of water. I pooped 4 times and after peeing 15 times I lost count. Btw I am 5'8" and weigh about 135lbs. My pee was like water with a green tint so I got nervous about that and took a B Complex vitamin to make it more yellow. I also ate a few crackers so I wouldn't puke. The grape flavor also left my tongue almost black so I had to brush my tongue really good. I left my house at 10:15 stopped and pounded a Gatorade. Arrived to Quest for my appointment and almost peed my pants. So used a restroom in the bldg before going in. I signed in, had a few sips of water. Then took my test. I had to pee soooo much!!! I got my results the next day and I passed!!!! I can't even believe it! It's a miracle. I would definitely recommend using this to pass a drug test for marajuana. And FYI I woke up today with a massive headache and my poop was as green as a 4 leaf clover! But you know what, well worth it! I get to keep my job!

  • ILoveLucy - Excellent!

    I LOVE this chair and am completely satisfied with my purchase. The number one thing I love about bringing my own chair to a restaurant is the fact that my baby is sitting right at the table with us. Most restaurant high chairs are shorter than the table and they have to sit further back, out in the aisle way, etc. I have not found a single table it will not fit on yet. I also use it at home daily....I hook it to the counter bar and my son can play and see me while I cook without being in the way. The pocket in the back is perfect for storing a few baby wipes, snacks or toys. I don't even take a diaper bag into the restaurant anymore, I just stock the pocket and I'm always ready to go. The attached self-storage bag is great too; no more trying to keep track of a bag in a restaurant. This is sturdy and washes up nicely too. GREAT BUY!

  • Angela - Product didn't work and worst customer service

    I just waited over 2 hours on hold for someone to answer, when he did he was very rude and condescending, then when we asked for a supervisor he said to wait one second and hung up on us. He has my callback number and did not try and call me back. This product has given us nothing but trouble, and the customer service is appalling!!

  • Mysteri - Taste is Not So Bad in Orange Juice - Give It a Try!

    I cannot comment on the effectiveness of this product. I just can't seem to get past the taste! Even thinking of it makes me shudder! Still....I may try it again so it either can't be THAT bad or my memory is fading! :)