Lebanon Internal Medicine Associates | Lebanon, PA - LIMA is dedicated to providing compassionate quality healthcare and excellent medical care in Lebanon Pennsylvania and the surrounding communities

  • http://s531421076.onlinehome.us/laboratory-services/ LIMA – laboratory services, lab, internal medicine, lebanon, pa - LIMA has a full service lab that is meant to aide the physician in the diagnosis and management of a wide variety of conditions.
  • http://s531421076.onlinehome.us/physical-therapy/ LIMA – physical therapy, internal medicine, lebanon, pa - The Physical Therapy Department at Lebanon Internal Medicine Associates offers state of the art therapeutic modalities and treatment interventions with a specific focus on management of rheumatologic disorders and disease.
  • http://s531421076.onlinehome.us/procedure-room/ LIMA – procedure room, internal medicine, lebanon, pa - The procedure room is open M-F 7:30 to 4:30 pm. We are located directly across the hall from the lab.
  • http://s531421076.onlinehome.us/radiology/ LIMA – radiology, x-ray, osteoporosis center, lebanon, pa - LIMA is proud to offer the convenience of an on-site Radiology Department which includes a standard x-ray room and the Central Pennsylvania Osteoporosis Center.
  • http://s531421076.onlinehome.us/patient-resource-center/ LIMA – patient resource center, lebanon, pa - This page is a resource for our patients that may need to get instructions for various procedures.
  • http://s531421076.onlinehome.us/prescription-line/ LIMA – prescription line, internal medicine, lebanon, pa - Lebanon Internal Medicine Associates offers a prescription refill service designed to help you get your refills on your medications in an efficient manner.

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