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  • Kelsee Pomeroy - very unhappy...

    so I bought this book new and when I got it it was damaged. I paid 90 dollars for a new book that is damaged.

  • Rafeal L Jackson - Very convenient!!

    This book came in handy. I didn't have to carry my book home from school. It was easy to book mark pages and look terms up without losing my page.

  • J. C. - Amazing!

    Excellent product - saw results within a week of using. Diminished dark spots and made my skin glow. Scent is tolerable and goes away immediately. I have very sensitive skin and did not have a reaction. Definitely worth the cost!

  • A.D. - A waste of my time & a loss of $.

    This mounting kit was a part of a package; kit, stereo, wiring harness. Not sure who decided this was a fit for my vehicle but they wrong. I would've had to retrofit the entire thing thus changing the integrity of the product. The best part is where I had to pay $6.85 to return the kit so that I could get my refund of $9.00 and change. Booooooo!

  • shaun menestrina - Surfers BEWARE

    I was very proud of this safe and I thought I loved it, UNTIL yesterday. The safe was easily compromised as a thief hammer wedged something right into it, obtaining my keys and unlocking my glove box where my wallet was. He then proceeded to go on a $600 shopping spree while I was enjoying my surf. Thank goodness he did not steal my truck.

  • Michael Riedel - This is the origional!

    I've been looking to purchase this song for a long time not but the one that were available didn't sound like the original. This one is the original!

  • Machiavelli Sun Tzu - It is what it is

    This knife is what it is--a very good backup knife. It isn't a utility knife. It isn't a hunting knife. It isn't a throwing knife. Rather, it IS a very well made knife, whose sole purpose is to defend your life in an emergency. It's meant to be an easily carried and concealed backup to a handgun or larger knife--or both. I've had no problems with "rattling tips" or any other such nonsense. I like it and I carry it.