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  • Gdawgs - Causes profuse swearing

    First off, I have never used this product, but I purchased it for my wife. She used to use an older version of Print Shop and loved it. She could whip out elaborate items in a matter of minutes. But then we got a new computer with a new version of Windows which required an upgrade to her Print Shop. So I bought this Printmaster version for her. My wife is a very sweet woman, who never swears, well maybe under extreme circumstances. But everytime she opens this software profanity spews forth like a sailor. It's like I don't even know who she is. Often times I have to round up the children and take them out of the house for a while. She usually ends up just giving up on whatever project she is trying to make because this software is so bad. I need to find her something new before our kids start talking like sailors as well. Uh oh, there she goes again. Gotta go!

  • Kindle-Obsessed - Fantastic & Affordable Product to support Best Diet Plan I have tried with amazing results!

    Thank you BSkinny Global for an affordable alternative that has helped provide me with amazing results.

  • Nandita Ghosh - If you are looking for super sleek straight hair

    Loving this product. I am gonna give you honest review here. If you are looking for super sleek straight hair, this is not for you. Go for a flat iron. But if you love straight with volumn, bounce and body like blow dry, this will ease you life. You will get exactly blow dried dry but a lot more faster than that. This product will save your time and effort. Blow drying my hair generally takes minimum 40 minutes for me, it takes only 10 minutes. That too with a lot lesser heat than hair dryer. I truly truly recomend this product who loves blow dryed hair.

  • Scott - Nice rack, awful instructions

    I have a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee with factory-installed brightside roof rails, and this rack does fit it (I just installed mine). This appears to be the same roof rack as the mopar rack. One detail that I wanted to know: their construction. The foot/base on each side is plastic, but the locking mechanism (the inside stuff that hooks to the rails on your roof) and the cross bar (that your kayak, etc. will hook to/rest on) are metal. Overall, the rack seems well constructed. It takes some effort to put it up, though, given the less than perfect instructions. Here's what I learned:

  • Citykir - Works. You'll keep your sink cleaner, too.

    As other reviewers have noted: (1) Messy. (2) Effective. Not sure if any other package configuration could help solve for the mess. Guess the bright side is I wipe the sink down every time I use this, so clean sink!

  • Honeywest - Good eye gel

    While i thought this was a very good eye gel I think it might be better for consumers who are younger. I found, for me, personally i need a cream, that is much more moisturizing. I am in my mid 50's. and do experience dryness, and light to medium lines under my eyes. Unfortunately, I did not notice the darkness under my eyes get lighter that could be because i did not give it enough time as i had to go back to a cream with more moisture.

  • Barbara J Romine - Las Vegas here we come!

    We used it. Not as many usable coupons for what we needed as opposed to last year's Guide but still good. It paid for itself over and over again. Arrived in good shape, good packaging, prompt delivery. Thank you