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  • Christine - Works well and has stood the test of time

    Very nice crockpot! I had this on my wedding registry and was very lucky to get it! Then I got one for my sister... It is the best one, and still very well priced - I love that combo! Something I like to remind people of - don't cook with the handles clipped down! The clips are for transportation only, and clipping it down is not good for the pot and is not necessary because the rubber edge of the lid makes a great seal and really keeps the heat in.

  • Cierabrook - Day one the first was fine gave me just the right amount of energy

    Day one the first was fine gave me just the right amount of energy. However on the second pill I took a little before I ate lunch and I am bouncing off of the walls (I work a desk job). A little too much energy. I am almost shaky. I guess you can say it is curbing my appetite because it has made me kind of nauseous. I will probably only take one a day, first thing in the morning.

  • fuzationism - Crayon Paste

    I purchased the tiny container of Benefit's Erase Paste on a whim at Ulta's checkout. It was $10 in the 'medium' color. I did some research on it afterwards, and learned that it only came in three colors to begin with. I swatched it on my hand and realized that it was way too pink for my skin. I'm pretty tan and yellow, so it was obvious that the color did not match my skin.