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  • MandE728 - It worked for me!

    I bought Premama last November with the hopes that it would help regulate my periods, because I had not ever had a consistent period and I know that it was hindering my husband and I's chances of conceiving. I heard about Premama through the Ovia Fertility app, got the free sample, then bought a box during their Black Friday sale and started taking the packets in December. Wouldn't you know, I had a period each month and when I didn't have one in April I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!! My husband and I are elated!

  • Cookie - It needs a little work

    Although the mag itself is a good source for tasty, healthy recipes the "Kindle-ization" was not a success. I hate scrolling around, zooming in and out whenever I am looking through it. It is even worse when I'm trying to cook from it.

  • Amazon Shopper - Great smell, feels good on my arthitic hands.

    This Hot Cream for Cellulite, Muscle, Pain Relief 250g smells like it should work amazing, but we will see. It smells just like spearmint chewing gum. I am going to put it on my belly under my neoprene fat burning belt among other places. This cream is offered as a Subscribe and Save item, you decide how often you would like the product shipped and you can cancel at anytime if you are not completely satisfied. First thing I did when I opened this jar was try a little bit on my hand to test it out. It had a warming to it and seemed to sooth my arthritis in my hands. I have had the chance to test out other baebody and baetea products and I have been satisfied with all of them. I will give this cream a try and update my review if it shows any progress for my cellulite, otherwise it does feel good as a rub for massages and sore muscles.

  • RVthereyet - Clumbsy, cumbersome and confusing

    I don't like MS Streets & Trip at all. I have a three year old ,and another 8 yr old, version of ALK's CoPilot Laptop that are easier to use and is much more intuitive. The problem with CoPilot is they seem to have blown off the RV community with their newest version and there are no updates for V-8 or V-11. So I thought I'd try a different product. Mistake. A waste of money and time. S&Ts is no match for either of the older versions of CoPilot except that the maps are newer and it's POI list is more complete. There are a few other differences in the features but none that overide the basic ease or difficulty of use. My dream is that Google will come out with a laptop gps program that does not require a live internet connection.

  • Amazon Customer - ... accessory person but I decided to try this and love it! I'm used to walking on my own ...

    "I'm not a big exercise accessory person but I decided to try this and love it! I'm used to walking on my own time at my own speed but I like that I can get a quick workout in without even leaving the house!"