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  • L.M.Rudland - A Great Start to Investing

    I've read lots of trading books and I like this one the best - easy to read, up-to-date, and packed with useful information. Many books on trading are fine on the easier stuff like choosing a discount broker or the mechanics of trading, but skim over the more complicated process of actually finding stocks to trade. Not this book. Jason Kelly addresses how to find good stocks and use specific criteria so the top choices emerge. He also has a way of simplifying different trading strategies and financial terms. A really useful little guide.

  • flyfisherman86 - These Fit Perfectly!

    These arrived really quickly. I had them installed in less than 10 minutes and they fit like a glove. With 4 kids and a dog they have already helped immensely. I wish they were a little thicker where your heel rests on the floor for the accelerator. That spot always seems to wear out much quicker than the rest of the floor mat. It would greatly extend the life of these expensive floor mats. I would definitely buy again.

  • Tiffany - I paid for the warranty but I just received it like this.

    It does not work, Can someone get back with me as to what I need to do? I paid for the warranty but I just received it like this.

  • Hellslina - Feeling balanced!

    I drink this tea at night as I unwind for bed. It's been great to settle my stomach and balance my body before going to sleep. When I've eaten things throughout the day that I shouldn't have too much of (fried foods, dairy, spicy foods), I drink this tea and feel so much more balanced when I wake up in the morning.

  • M.T. - Expensive...but, worth it

    I have dealt with cold sores most of my life. They are usually brought on when I experience a lot of stress. Unfortunately, for the past year, that has been quite a bit. Cold sores obviously are not pleasant - they hurt and spread so easily. Plus, let's face it, they are UGLY. I work in an industry where I am always in front of people, so I want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

  • Melissa Sargent - Hoping for more

    I had a Phil & Ted's E3 and loved it apart from a few downsides. So when I learned the Mountain Buggy was from the same company, I jumped on it. I purchased from Amazon Warehouse deals for $10 less than brand new so that was probably my first mistake. I was looking for a heavy duty "umbrella stroller" and this fit the bill with a hefty price tag. The stroller rides well but not great on rough terrain. Perfect for malls minus the lack of storage underneath. You can maneuver very well through tight spaces (unlike a Bob) and that is great. I like that it reclines but it doesn't adjust far enough in the upright position when baby is awake. The design for opening and closing the stroller is not always smooth so it really takes 2 hands to accomplish which is hard when holding a baby. And just like my Phil & Ted's E3, the canopy seems "touchy" and never wants to collapse. It's always popping open while stored in the back of my minivan which irritates me because I don't want it to break. One other positive is the stroller is pretty lightweight.

  • Alex - I personally didn't like the product

    I personally didn't like the product, in particular the amount of pills I had to take each and every day. I would rather try to maintain a healthy diet and eat more real fruits and veggies instead. I didn't notice any difference in my health during the 4 months I was taking it.