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  • Ralph - Ice melted rather quickly. Shoulder strap broke when trying ...

    Ice melted rather quickly. Shoulder strap broke when trying to squeeze it on. The strap breaking was my fault for not loosing it enough when putting it over my arm, but still should not have ripped off. Water stayed cold, just had to dump some water out every once in a while

  • Pamela - Shallow Toe Box

    I've worn the Nike Flex Run for several years. My favorite version was the Flex Run 2014 and I actually thought that was what I was ordering when I purchased these. They look very, very similar but the fit is slightly different. These are a little too tight across the top of the toe box. This is odd; I've never had this problem before. They rub a blister on the top of my big toe if I wear for too long. I have about 1/2" extra length in the shoe, so a bigger size would not alleviate the problem.

  • JEANIE - I still loved it! It's Lucy and Desi

    I've read lots of Lucy/Desi books, and while this book contained a lot of info I already knew (and lots I did not!!), I still loved it! It's Lucy and Desi! What's there NOT to love? A great read---one I will most definitely read again!

  • Todd Westerman - Great Cover

    The cover fits great and the bag it comes with is nice. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the area I park it in tends to ge windy and I would have preferred two more straps just outside the wheel base to ensure the ends of the cover won't blow off on a windy day.