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  • Damien De Polignac - A must have in the style...

    First advice, if you don't know MASSIVE ATTACK, you should try to listen one or two of their songs to check if you like this style of music. If you know that it's the case, you can buy that CD with your eyes closed ! All the tracks are awesome, "BLUE LINES" is always original but never annoying... "unfinished sympathy" and "Hymn of the big wheel" are, for me, among the best songs ever in the style...

  • Amazon Customer - Elves, Paladins, and Romans! Oh my!

    To get lost in a wonderful world/setting, premise, interesting characters. This is why I love books. This one does that for me. It doesn't have the prose or word rich vivid descriptions of Tolkien or Patrick Rothfuss. Nor does it have the total

  • Kimberly Cornwell-Baran - I saw the TV commercial and was amazed by the results

    DOES NOT do as advertised!!!! I saw the TV commercial and was amazed by the results. I have acne prone skin and have a lot of uneven skin tones. My current make-up works fine but the results they showed on TV looked fantastic. I ordered the sample kit just to be able to try a few of their products at the same time. I am very fair skinned so I ordered their lightest color. I applied the foundation to clean skin. It was very thick and nothing like a lotion. I applied in swirling motion to blend in and it dried quickly and became too hard to blend in without adding yet more foundation. Once I had it on, I applied the concealer to some of my acne. It's not like what other people say that they can't feel it on their face. I felt like my face was covered with heavy makeup. The final problem was that the color was very orange and there was a clear distinction between my neck and face. Overall, this is not a product I would recommend.

  • Kassandra - I hate sweatring, the dancing and competitiveness distracts me from ...

    I play this game as a workout game. I hate sweatring, the dancing and competitiveness distracts me from the sweating. im a 21 yr old male. i find a few too many of these songs to be "girly".

  • Eddie - Over 2 years after purchase and still going strong.

    We have 3 TV's that run off of this modem as well as 2 smart phones. No problems at all with signal strength. Netflix, Amazon, Roku all work great with this modem and the tech support that helped us set it up was in the USA and not India.