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  • David P - Amazing tool

    Put a diamond wheel on these and they cut through tile like butter. I've done two bathrooms now with the same diamond blade on ceramic and one porcelain with absolutely no problems. No heat build up and easy to control so cutting around a toilet flange is a snap. Better than my manual tile cutter and no need for a wet saw. this baby does it all. wish I got one sooner.

  • mmb00 - Don't waste your money!

    I got this for Christmas this year and it worked and straightened my hair fine without leaving any frizz. I didn't even have it for a month and it fell off a small table onto the carpet and both ceramic plates broke. I was very disappointed. Wouldn't recommend spending this kind of money on this product.

  • Vickie G. - Great game if you use a good dose of patience

    This game was hard to get started. You only get 3 lives and sometimes you use them all very quickly. Having more than one city open at a time helps. So does completing side paths and collections as you go. I have been stuck many times and gone to a different city; completed side paths or collections. When I go back to where I was stuck, I often get an easier board. Unless a level is timed, take your time and plan your moves. If you only spin the wheel when you have less than 5 moves left it helps. I'm onmy 7th city and have not spent any real money ever in the game.

  • Cyndi - Not impressed at all.

    I was hopeful this product would work, but the color was barely noted on my already pale skin tone. It was a pricey gamble and I lost. I've found much better results with Victoria's Secret self tanner, which I have bought in-store for under $15.

  • unhappy_packager - No Improvements since the DOS Version

    If you are a new business looking for an accounting package, do yourself a favor and chose something besides Quickbooks. We have been using Quickbooks for years and are unfortunately locked in since the downtime associated with converting to Microsoft Dynamics would cripple our business (not the cost of the software itself). Intuit forces us to upgrade Quickbooks every three years which is not a huge problem in an of itself. The problem is more that Intuit breaks features with each release rather than adding improvements.

  • R. Wilson - Good product

    It actually works. There are some saying it didn't work for them. I wonder if they followed the instructions and massaged the scalp vigorously for one minute? I found it does make a difference. However since it's discontinued, the less people that buy it the better for me!