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  • Nicholette - ... husband and I tried this product and were very pleased with it

    Both my husband and I tried this product and were very pleased with it. We have taken many fat burners. Many give me a headache, this one didn't. Some you feel nothing with, this one I was full of energy and it definitely curbed my appetite. Neither of us weighed ourselves before starting this product. One since we were sharing it I knew it would take more time to notice than what was supplied and two we tend to judge our success with our diet and exercising with outcome and visual results other than the scale. I did notice my shorts loser in the waist. I plan to continue to purchase this item.

  • Wendy M. Pease - Did not work

    The pharmacist recommended Zanfel for my poison ivy. As I had the intolerable itch, I fell for the advertising and the pharmacist's recommendation. It did not work for me. The blisters and itching continued to grow. The other brands at a quarter of the price work better for relieving the itch. Don't waste your money.

  • Amazon Customer - Stained Teeth! Beware!

    Watch Out! There are a few "hidden" things that I found out about this product AFTER reordering! I hope that you don't have the problem that I did, but as a potential warning, this product stained my teeth DARK BROWN around my gum line after I had been using it for a little over a month! I had used the "Starter Kit" up and everything was ok and my breath was great; I had a bit of a problem with dry mouth, but nothing big, so I re-ordered a 3 month supply. After continuing with the product, (I'd been using it for about 6 weeks)I noticed my gumline getting dark. I take very good care of my teeth; I was flossing 2x a day, I do twice yearly cleanings, & use periodic bleach strips to brighten them up, so this was very noticable and ugly. I had been brushing 2-3x a day with an electric toothbrush, so I tried brushing my teeth as well as using the rinse, thinking that both were needed, but that didn't help, and the brown stains were getting bigger. Bleach strips didn't do anything to help, so I did a full at home bleach session. That didn't make a dent in the brown stains which continued to grow, so I went to my dentist and he was appalled! He said that he had seen stains like that before from other mouth rinses and the only way to remove them was to scrape them off. I contacted Breath Appeal and told them what he said and that I wanted to return the product, and the person said sure, no problem, and that it would be credited back to my card. I went in and spent $119.00 on a very uncomfortable teeth deep-cleaning to get the stains scraped off. After 3 weeks had gone by with no refund I called Breath Assure again and was told that I wouldn't be getting a refund because it was a refill, and they only refund the 30 day initial supply! I guess if I would have looked into their convoluted "guarantee" that they will only guarantee their product for the first 30 days of use, and after that they wash their hands of it, I might have thought twice about getting more of it, but hindsight... Anyway, I have now spent almost $200.00 on cleaning and the product that I can't use and the company is telling me that they have never had this happen before. Huuuummm. Somehow I doubt I am the only one out there that has had this problem. Just wanted to warn you that if you have gone through your first 30 days and are doing well on it, rather than buying a 60 day refill supply, maybe have a friend/spouse buy another starter set for you for your next 30 day supply, just so that you have the guarantee in place in case you have problems. I wish I had!

  • ASM_ME - Great book for Young Girls!

    I have a 10 year old daughter who loves to read and I got this for her Kindle and she read it in one day! She loved it!!! She said it was on in her top 5 list of favs! I have since downloaded a few more from this author and she is reading them now. Great books for young girls! I highly recommend!

  • J. Battershill - Super Movers are Super Awesome!

    Love it! My boys grew up watching Imagination Movers and now we have four year old twins who are also loving them.