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  • nemo - Completely Useless

    This has to be the single worst purchase I've made this year. To be fair, the competitor "Tile" was nearly as bad. The software has an unintelligible user interface. I've been a software developer for 30+ years and I can't make heads or tails of it. The device itself regularly makes sounds for no apparent reason, hanging on my key rack just yards from my phone. When I walk into my bedroom where the WiFi signal is weak I am regularly asked if I forgot my keys. There is no way to stop it unless I disable that feature altogether. When my keys are really lost it is no help at all. It will show them on a map, but at first you don't know it is a map because there is nothing but a blank background. If you zoom in you will see it is the area around your home, or wherever you are. If it happens to be within range you are given a hot/cold display, sort of, but it is equally useless in actually finding your keys. My wife and I have searched in vain for a way in the user interface to simply play a sound when the keys are missing. I can't understand how anyone gets any value from this at all.

  • George - Fantastic Pillowcase for the Acne Prone!

    First and foremost this product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. I was extremely surprised by this pillowcase and how much it helped my acne. There was a dramatic change in the amount of acne after I started using this without making any changes in routine or diet. It arrived in a tube that was clearly more of a nice design choice than just tossing it in something. My one concern when buying something like this is whether the tea tree oil would be overpowering, but they did a fantastic job of balancing the essential oils to create a pleasant smell that I'd even say helps me have a better sleep.