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  • Stone - This product REALLY works

    I had two scratches 10-12" in length each down the side of my new black Ford F150. I was skeptical but hopeful. I've got to say I am VERY satisfied with the results. The scratches are virtually gone or so unnoticeable you cannot see them. Highly recommend!

  • E. Quintana - Love this Shampoo

    I was turned on to this shampoo when I frist had my hair straighten by my hair dresser. Not only does it smell good it does wonders for your hair.

  • Chris - Why it doesn't work like it used to

    This stuff USED to work. Unfortunately they changed their formula recently and removed the nonoxynol-9 which is the chemical that actually bonded to the Urishol oil and removed it from the skin. Others have used the cleaner Mean Green but they did the same thing. As a substitute I have used Norisc Antimicrobial Liquid Soap. You can get a 1 gallon bottle for $30 or a 12oz bottle for $7. Wash with that stuff and 3 days later your rash will be gone. It's not a cure as it doesn't do anything for the symptoms but it DOES remove the oil which stops the rash from getting worse and allows your body to heal.

  • Sean - It is super fun to play

    We ordered this game for my little brother and let me tell you that my mom and I can't get enough of it. It is super fun to play.

  • Brendan W Connors - Started eating my car's paint

    I was recommended this product as a way to ease removal of vinyl stickers on cars. I decided to test the spray on the paint in the engine bay first. Sprayed a bit on the paint, then wiped it off. My paint color appeared on the rag, and I saw bare metal through the thinned out pain on the car. I don't know how effective it is in removing adhesive from paint, because I won't try it on the more visible parts of the car.

  • SAVED - Worked for Peyronie's

    I was diagnosed with Peyronie's about a month ago. After doing research, it was evident that medical science offered limited options for its cure, and even those options had mixed results. Among natural remedies, Serrapeptase seemed to show promise, and Doctor's Best brand appeared to show better results than others. So I decided to give it a try. After one month of use (3 capsules of 40,000 units one hour before breakfast daily), the plaque is gone completely (the appointment I made a month ago with a urologist is still a month away:)) I did not notice any obvious side effects. I will keep using it for another month.

  • Johnny - Crew cab weatherthec

    I posess a 2013 1500-Rambox Crew Cab and I desided to protect the full floor with a weather tech carpet. It work GREAT!!! It came with a complete set for the front an back of the floor ( of course, front a back sets were spayed separately). The company made a perfect mold of the entire floor to cover precise areas on the floor. I'm satisfyed with this product.