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  • Lavada Burkes - It started with the delivery. When I received the ...

    It started with the delivery. When I received the package, it was torn and dripping wet. The bottle of poison had been pack on its side and leaked everywhere. I did not want to fool with sending it back and there was plenty of it left to test its effectiveness. It did not work. We saturated the area around the door inside and out, sprayed the entire parameter of my apartment, inside and out as directed. The spiders crawl right thru it! My daughter even soaked one very large spider with it and an hour later had to kill the spider! Needless to say I was very dissatisfied with this product.

  • Anonymous - Good moisturzer, not very good results

    I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I really don't see the results. I used it continuously for two months along with the love handler and the fatgirlsleep, and did notice a difference, but I've had far better results with seaweed soap and exfoliants. Give it a shot, but don't count on a miracle.

  • S.H. - It really works!!!!

    My car had a recurring po 420 code for the last four years.The last biannual smog check it passed within 1 hydrocabon of maximum allowable. Since that time clearing the code would only last 15 miles of driving. I bought another car and put this one up for sale. After showing my previous smog results to my imspection station inspector, he highly recommended i go buy Cataclean before having my car tested. he said at least 50% of the cars that he fails will pass after running a bottle of Cataclean. At 1/4 tank ( four gallons remaining in tank) I poured in the Cataclean. I drove the car until the car has only 1/2 gallon remaining in the tank. Ignore the mileage instructions on the bottle and drive the car till its almost dry. Then go fill the tank and have it tested immediately. One trick I do is max inflate the tires that will be on the chassis dyno to minimize rolling resistance which will decrease the emission reading. The car tested substantially cleaner than it had two years previously. All readings were well within california emission specs for my car and within normal readings. At one time in my life I was a licensed california smog inspector, so to see the huge change in tailpipe emissions made me a firm believer in this product. the po 420 code did nor reset and i was able to sell the car with a clean and legal smog check.

  • OliviaRoss - The best stuff for my hair

    I don't use anything else on my hair. Using this product has changed my hair completely. It makes my hair feel soft and renewed everytime I use it. It also lasts for a long long long time a little goes a long way. I am constantly recommending this stuff to my friends because it has done so much good for me.