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  • Kinky&Curly - Awesome!!!

    I recommend this product to all natural out there. Does not mix well with other products, tend to make it harder to detangle when mix with other products.

  • Rob R. - software and monitoring provided by competing vendors can easily total 4 times what one pays for this device ...

    The Vyncs has been monitoring my Toyota 4-Runner for the past few months, has provided all the functionality described in the Amazon listing and on the corporate website, and has performed flawlessly. The device identifies every engine start and logs all movement thereafter until the vehicle is parked. Each trip is identified separately with multiple time stamps throughout. Total miles traveled is tracked by the system.

  • pizyy - I wholeheartedly recommend this moisturizer

    I wholeheartedly recommend this moisturizer! I love putting it on because it reminds me of Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel--it is a wonderfully lightweight gel and makes my skin feel refreshed instead of heavy. However, unlike Clinique's famous DDMG that I used to use back when I had super oily skin, this moisturizer is great for my dry-combination skin and probably suitable for most other skin types except very dry. What I like most about it is that in addition to feeling great, this moisturizer improves skin with long-term use due to its beneficial ingredients. This moisturizer has ceramides to repair/support skin, and 4% niacinamide, which also has numerous benefits for skin, such as the ability to fade post-inflammatory pigmentation (the red marks from acne scarring) that I sadly have much of. It's definitely a bargain buy, which is why it's popular on Reddit's SkincareAddiction, rated highly on Beautypedia, and one of the best-sellers of facial moisturizers on Amazon (which is always changing but it was at the time of my purchase)!

  • Mary Hillmann - Not happy with it

    It doesn't seem to be as thick and elegant looking like the others I have purchaed before. Looks like it's a fake compared to the others.

  • Lech D. - New Improved Sickeningly Sweet Taste!

    The previous version of Vanilla Ice Cream was spot on, not overwhelming and not underwhelming and tasted great when paired up with whole milk and didn't leave a bad after-taste. This whole "New Improved Flavor" is disgustingly sweet and not anything I would label as any type of improvement. Maybe their taste testers were screwing with them or their R&D chefs lost their sense of taste and smell, either way the end result is not good.

  • T. Herndon - Deceptive Marketing

    The truth is that the product is deceptive. Without doing your research ahead of time, the product appears to be a knock off of the no-no. It is simply a razor with a light. It should definitely reflect on the packaging and advertising that it is a "razor". However as a razor goes, it works fine. I bought the $40 Yes finishing touch. Would not have done so if I had know it was a razor. You can buy razors all day long from $10 to $50. Nothing outstanding about this one other than deceptive marketing.

  • LC in Michigan - Very Reliable When Backups Are Made From The Bootable Recovery Media. Don't Trust "Live" Backups Made By Any Software!!

    Acronis True Image and Acronis Disk Director are Both Good Reliable Products when used intelligently, and from Bootable Media (like a CD or DVD). I did not try to do a "Live" backup with this software as I don't believe such backups should be trusted no matter whose software you are using that claims this capability. Continue reading below for why I feel this way.