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  • Sarah Brooks - IT WORKS!

    I looooove Idol lash! I just wish it was a little cheaper since I go through about a bottle a month. This serum really does work! I've been using it since May of 2012, it took about 3-4 months to notice a difference.

  • Krista Y - This center console was amazing for my scion xD

    This center console was amazing for my scion xD. The storage was great and it was a great fit that looked like it belonged in the car.

  • Kim Bolin - QuickBooks aims to please

    In the past I had used some earlier versions of QuickBooks and became very familiar with them. When QuickBooks 2012 came out I had to make the switch to keep up with the ever changing technology. I wanted a straight forward and well versed guide to give me a better understanding of all it's improved features. Working for a accounting firm in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, I am constantly looking to be informed as well as possible in any new product to improve our customers financial solutions. QuickBooks 2012 for Dummies is a great read for those who have had experience with older versions of QuickBooks. If you are new to QuickBooks, this book may take a little longer to read. Some of the vocabulary may be unfamiliar to the first time user, but if you have the time to really learn and understand QuickBooks, I would strongly suggest giving this book a try. If anyone would like more information or help on getting a better understanding of QuickBooks, feel free to email me. All information is located in my profile.

  • Bobby - Stubby

    Horrible reception. I live close to radio towers and still had constant static while driving around. This is not a good antennae for listening to the radio.

  • C.O. - Great Mouse Pad For Gaming...

    If you have a wide surface area on your desk and you're a gamer, this is an excellent mouse pad covering a lot of space. The SteelSeries has a lot of great options, in my case I got the qck+. It comes rolled up but it laid flat fairly quick out of the box and has excellent traction, especially when paired with a gaming mouse, highly recommended.

  • Robert D. Rush Jr. - Ramones on call...

    Pleasantly punk and, oddly, Stephen King's (horror writer) favorite band. Up-tempo, legible, enjoyable - something you can jam to without getting too many odd looks or fines for public obscenity.