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  • Impressed - Choose another study book!

    While this book does contain some good test taking tips, there are FAR TOO MANY mistakes! There are multiple questions on the CD-ROM that don't contain the right answer choice. For instance, the explanation may say that 300 is the right answer and show how to get that answer, but the answer choices for the question are 90, 130, 190, 270, and 360. Choose another book to help you study!!

  • Andrew Brown - Singer 4411

    This is a terrible machine. Do not buy it! I bought this machine, thinking it was "heavy duty" as its name suggests. After only using this machine 4 times the machine did not work well at all. The machine started to slip stitches and thus make it unusable. When I called singer to see if they would replace the machine after only 4 months, they would not accept a return as it was longer than the 90 warrenty. I bought the machine for only 139.00, and it doesn't seem worth it to pay $85.00 at least to get it fixed. I do not recommend singer at all. Terrible machines and terrible customer service! I hope this will help someone and keep someone from experiencing the same thing I have.

  • Christian Fantana - Not Bad but Not Good Either

    I didn't like the direction the story took. I understand it was based off a graphic novel, I guess I wouldn't have liked that either.

  • S. Nguyen - It works.

    Leaking rack on a 2003 Pontiac Montana. Blown boot so dirt got in there and scratched the rack. Leaking about 12oz of power steering fluid in 3K miles.After filling and continuing to fill the Lucas sealer the leaking stopped. It took about a bottle and a half. I suspect that the original power steering fluid had to all leak out first before the Lucas sealer worked fully. Now, it is essentially all sealed up. It may still be leaking but the leak is so small that there it is not observable. Driven the vehicle another 5K without any noticeable (maybe slight) loss in fluid.