Home) || PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund - Welcome to the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund website. Learn about your benefits, find information on enrolling and locate participating providers.

  • http://psccunywf.org/summary-plan-descriptions.aspx Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs)) || PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund - Read and download the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) for both full-time active and retiree staff members explaining health and welfare benefits.
  • http://psccunywf.org/full-time-actives.aspx Eligibility (Full-Time Actives) || PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund - Get information on eligibility for Full-time members of the PSC-CUNY staff. Read and download the Summary Plan Description (SPD) of the Welfare Fund's benefit plans.
  • http://psccunywf.org/retirees.aspx Eligibility (Retirees) || PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund - Find Welfare Fund eligibility information for retired PSC-CUNY staff members, including the different retiree plans, requirements, dependent eligibility, enrollment and termination.
  • http://psccunywf.org/forms.aspx Forms) || PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund - Find PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund forms, including forms for enrolling and claiming benefits.
  • http://psccunywf.org/faqs.aspx Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)) || PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund - Find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund.
  • http://psccunywf.org/contacts.aspx WELFARE FUND and NYC Health Benefits Program) || PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund - Find contact information for the New York Health Benefits Program and the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund.
  • http://psccunywf.org/retirees/when-you-retire.aspx When You Retire (Retirees) || PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund - Find out what action to take when retiring from PSC-CUNY and learn how self-pay and Medicare affect the Welfare Fund benefits.
  • http://psccunywf.org/full-time-actives/cobra.aspx COBRA (Full-Time Actives) || PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund - Learn how full-time staff members of PSC-CUNY may elect COBRA Continuation Coverage for themselves and their dependents if they experience a qualifying event, such as termination or death. Also learn about notification periods, qualified beneficiaries, duration of benefits and choice of coverage.
  • http://psccunywf.org/full-time-actives/if-you-die-in-service.aspx If You Die in Service (Full-Time Actives) || PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund - Learn what happens to your PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund benefits and how those benefits are extended if you die. Depending on the length of full-time service at CUNY, benefits may be extended to dependents before they must elect COBRA.
  • http://psccunywf.org/disclaimer.aspx Disclaimer) || PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund - Read an important disclaimer for the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund website and learn how the information on the site applies to you.

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