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  • J. Peterson - Drag's just not there

    I've had this reel for roughly 5 months and have put it through the stress of a couple 21" trout that I was able to land using the 5/6 reel on a 5-weight rod. The reel definitely sings under these conditions, and will require finesse even with the drag set to full, but to me that's what the sport is about. I don't want the disc-drag to hold my hand. I like playing the line myself with the assist of the clicking drag.

  • R. Ricci - My daughter is a novice writer...

    This was a gift for my novice writing daughter. I think this might be just what she needs to actually get published. The product was just what I was looking for, arrived promptly, and was properly packaged.

  • Stanley - Awesome product, great deal

    Awesome product, great deal, bolted right in and does its job, I'm very happy with it AT this price. If it was more money it word be okay.

  • Denae - Not worth it!

    Wanting to cover up my mild acne and blemishes, I ordered the airbrush system. First of all, it took three weeks to process and ship to my house. When I tried it out, it took 4 coats (each taking 15-20 drops) to get good coverage. The makeup looked cakey and orange and felt gross. After letting it "dry" for 30 minutes, I put a drop of water on my fingertip to see how well the makeup would hold up. When the drop of water touched the makeup, it literally dripped off my face. The makeup is horrible quality and would never last a normal person all day. It may work for indoor pictures, but that's about it. Definitely not worth the money. And on top of that, their "30-day risk free trial" is a bunch of crap. In very fine print, it states that if you want to return it, it has to be within 30 days of your initial PAYMENT. So thanks to the fact that they took their sweet time (3 weeks!) processing and shipping it, I had only 7 days to decide I didn't want it and send it back. By the way, they won't pay for return shipping, so I was out $15 on this deal. SCAM!

  • Katie - My daughter was hospitalized for 6 days and this was ...

    My daughter was hospitalized for 6 days and this was a prize for all she endured. She absolutely loves this puppy!

  • F. Gibbons - Didn't work for me.

    This was recommended to me for chronic nerve and muscle pain in my legs. I didn't notice any improvement. It might work for other conditions, but not for mine. I'm skeptical of some of the claims because collagen is a protein, the most abundant protein in the body. But when you eat protein it gets broken down into amino acids in your stomach, so I'm not sure how whole collagen would get into your bloodstream.

  • Victor - Awful

    This workbook is absolutely terrible. I feel like a lot of the strategies they give are poor and overly time consuming. For example, their reading comprehension strategy outlines five elaborate steps for breaking down and answering their questions. But, when I actually got around to taking the GRE, I never felt like I had enough time to actually go through their five steps and complete the section. I still ended up with a very strong preliminary score in verbal (about as good as one could hope for) without using any of their advice.