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  • Chuck - Not worth having.

    The frustration offsets its value. It is difficult to get the ratchet to work, there was no 10 mm socket (but two 9 mm). It is hard to get the sockets on and off the ratchet. Even at this inexpensive price, it is not worth it.

  • Khalid Akash - Its a useful book

    The book is good, especially the Math portion, not so much the other parts. Unfortunately I think I would be better off with Gruber's math workbook rather than this.

  • Bibliophile - Quieter than expected, probably because of the short life span

    I bought this Cooper Cooler recently and was extremely pleased with its performance. I'd read reviews saying this machine isn't quiet, it makes a racket... I was prepared to let it do it's thing in the garage if necessary. It wasn't necessary. The cooler doesn't throw the ice around, which I'd thought would be the case; it only spins the bottle or can and that was much quieter than I'd imagined.

  • Deanna B. Powell - Worked better than expected!

    This worked way better than I expected. I spread it over the area to be tattooed (my ribs :/) and covered it one hour before my appointment. I expected it to last only about an hour or so but it lasted closer to 2 1/2. Some spots did wear off quicker than others but I was pleasantly surprised at how long it lasted. Definitely will use this again when I go back in a couple of weeks to complete the new tattoo!

  • Crystal - Lerosett is brillian, effective product

    I used this so many years ago and had forgotten about it until I had a bout of jawline acne that wouldn't go away even with the Epiduo prescription my dermatologist recommend. But the Lerosett has purged much of the deep-seated gunk that kept the those pores infected - or rather like active volcanoes! - in 3 weeks. I spot treat the areas at night as well.. I believe the acne will be totally clear in another 2-3 weeks. I'll use Lerosett as recommended when something flares up.

  • Devin - Well done!

    Out of all the rule books I've ever fallen asleep and drooled on at at 4:32 in the morning this is easily one of the best. The pages function like a soft, fluffy pillow and the cover is nice and absorbent of any residual drool or coffee. My only critique is that I could have done without the pages being covered in cloraform, as passing out violently every time I try to read a rule isn't that helpful. Lastly, a giant pillow on the cover would help as well.