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  • Laura - Love it!

    This is so much better than the restaurant baby chairs, where your baby will be sitting on a hard surface with very little security, or comfort. This chair provides a comfortable, secure, and clean chair. The chair comes with a bag, that is already attached to the chair at the bottom, very discreetly, it also has a back pocket for bibs and stuff. My only complaint is that I don't think its washable, and if it is, I fail to see how. You can't really remove any of the fabric to wash it. Other than that, its been very convenient to have, I keep it in the car. I've gotten so many compliments about this chair, and its been so useful. Great quality too.

  • Missy's Product Reviews - The idea is great just need to fix some minor things to make better.

    I like the idea behind these but they are so time consuming. I wanted to use these to file my nails i put in the batteries turned it on which also turns the light on and held upside down to file my nails. I did not soak in water first as suggested as it also said on the packaging to dry your hands before using so i was confused by possible mislabeling. They do take awhile to file down as you have to go slowly and steady.

  • Steve T - A Valuable Analysis of a Widening Social Chasm

    "Coming Apart" offers a very effective analysis of the diverging economic prospects and social values of American society since 1963. I should say first off that many people seem biased against this book because of the controversy surrounding Murray's prior book, "The Bell Curve." Murray has taken great pains in this new book to avoid the issue of race, focusing specifically on white Americans. I could find nothing offensive or even politically incorrect regarding race in this book.