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  • Lisa - second one, still a dud

    I got my husband one of these for christmas and his still works great. This is however my second one in 4 months. I'm not sure how they are breaking, I don't shower with it and I don't abuse it. The only time it gets wet is helping my toddler with bath time. The first one had a hard time being put into and taken out of sleep mode.

  • BettyWoap - light microfiber for on the go

    This towel does a great job as an addition to my yoga workout. I keep it with me as I do Hot Yoga to soak up all the perspiration from the heated room. The towel comes with instructions on how to get it to peak performance, and I suggest doing these to help your towel grip and absorb. Unlike any other microfiber that I have ever owned, this one does not snag on my fingers and such. I am really wishing no that I had gotten the larger towel to be able to use it as a yoga mat topper. This one just isn't big enough to cover the entire mat, but it does do a great job at holding my sweaty palms in place instead of slipping all over the mat. However, the size does work out great when I am on the disc golf course because it fits right into the pocket of my bag. It is very useful on hot muggy Tennessee days playing disc golf. I would recommend this towel to anyone that is needing an absorbent, soft, sleek, stylish towel for any of your gripping needs, whether it be in your yoga class or wiping your hands to throw a frisbee, this towel does a great job. My favorite quality of the towel is that it doesn't leave a soaking wet cotton towel in your bag weighing you down because it is so super light microfiber that you can just ring out and be on your way.

  • Keith Perry - Don't waste your money

    I used this product religiously along with the Nioxin #2 pack to see if it would stop the thinning of my hair and potentially help regrow some. This product did not do anything at all except make my scalp red and itchy. While the product does say it will cause your scalp to turn red because it is an irritant, I wasn't expecting the terrible itch that followed.