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  • Steve - YES!

    Help! They've come to life! The cables... they're... they're eating my daughter! Call an ambulance! Great price though. .. And her screams! I've never heard such crystal clarity! This is totally worth it!

  • Wanda - Goldenseal

    I purchased this for my Son's Semi Truck Driving Friend who swears by them. He is only in his 40's and sitting in a Truck all Day, he has issues Urinating and his Doctor suggested he try Goldenseal beings he could not find anything wrong with Him. I sent these to him a couple of Weeks ago and he called and told me that they were helping Him to empty his Bladder after the First Week of taking them. I am Happy that they are helping him and he said he would continue using them and ask me where I had purchased them. I passed on the Amazon Site to Him.

  • Double Ought Bill - Very sub-par software

    TaxACT customer service staff pointed out that if TaxACT had been purchased through Amazon.com, that downloading of the state program would be "difficult". For me, it proved impossible. Had to download TaxACT outside Amazon, get a refund for the earlier Amazon download in order to get the VA state return to load. TaxACT never did pull in my prior year return from TurboTax. Also, didn't prompt for carried-forward long-term capital losses/gains - a game changer. To repeat, it didn't even ask, and since pulling in the prior year's return didn't happen, if I hadn't noticed the error, it would have cost thousands, literally. All in, a very sub-par piece of software. Would advise extreme caution in purchasing this software, and would strongly recommend NOT purchasing it through Amazon unless you live in a no-income tax state.

  • LISA DODDS - Boring.

    Most of the recipes were ice cream. I only wanted this book because I heard one of the recipes was butterbeer and that got me excited. Im fairly dissapointed.