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  • Craig - Clean and clear and crisp.

    Clean and clear and crisp. Does exactly what it is supposed to do without any fodder. Plenty of ventilation to prevent fogging up and plenty of strap adjustment.

  • Roxy23 - didnt work, zero stars

    didnt work even after all applications were used. I was really hoping it would work, so i was very sad and disappointed that it didn't because this is my second time trying this box out.

  • somekindofwonderful - Schooled my Godkids and they couldn't believe it

    We bought this for my Godkids for Christmas, and after they played a few rounds (and loved it) I told them I wanted to play too. The 13-year-old scoffed (he is like a young Michael Jackson) and I stood in the back behind the 3 of them. Then I went to town on Lady Gaga's "Applause." I was popping and tutting and twerking and top-rocking all over the place. I have skills. There were 4 of us dancing so they couldn't really tell how well I was doing. At the end, when it shows you the scores, of course the 13-year-old won, but when 2nd place came up, it was me (uh! yeah!) and he couldn't believe it. His eyes got huge and he reported it to my husband in disbelief. I have more respect than ever now. Thanks, Just Dance 2014.

  • Crystal - Mary Kay Timewise Day & Solution Set.

    Thank you for your prompt delivery. Was exactly what I expected. I have used these products for 15 years and love everyone of the products for keeping your skin beautiful.

  • Sandy - This does, in fact, do what it claims ...

    This does, in fact, do what it claims to do. I have had mine for four months and can see a distinct difference. Additionally, mine had a factory defect. With just a few emails, they determined it to be defective and have sent out a replacement. I am very impressed with the product and the service.