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  • Laura Danielson - Many replacements...poor value

    First off, I have always LOVED Plantronics. I really loved the design and ease of using this headset at first, but then we started having issues. Over the span of 6 months of purchasing this product, I am on the third replacement (that is now dead). The first issue I had is I would be actively talking on the call and hear "phone one is disconnected", this is while I had my phone right next to me! I didn't get up and walk away, so while I am talking I have to hurry up and pick up my phone. Now mind you I wouldn't be so irritated with that if I was on a personal call, but I use this product for my work phone and it sounds very unprofessional when you have to hurry up to grab you phone in the middle of speaking. The next thing that started happening is I would be on a call or leaving a message and they caller couldn't understand a word, it sounded very garbled and robotic like. This has happened with all replacements. One thought was if there was background noise on my end or the other callers end the phone was breaking up my voice, we had tested that out and it does not fix this problem. The other problem that I have experienced is while using the phone sometimes the caller will say they cannot hear me, this is with the volume turned up all of the way and the mic next to my face. Lastly, my third and final headset is now dead. After having all of these issues this headset sits on my desk being broken, and plantronics will not refund any money after having all of these issues. So now, I'm on the search again for another headset that wont give so much grief. If I could give this NO stars, I would!

  • KEVIN PERRY - Not honoring the warranty

    We like the general product line but were disappointed with a set of sauce pans with an interior non stick finish that broke down over several years. Despite their claims of a lifetime warranty they are unwilling to replace what is clearly defective finish.

  • zach - This is an absolutely Great study book

    This is an absolutely Great study book. This is a comprehensive review that covers all likely areas of content that are going to be on the test. Includes practice test questions with detailed answers that clearly explain how the answer was created. Includes many test taking strategies that even the most experienced test taker can learn from. Up-to-date test questions that really do help prep for the test. Easy to follow flow that helps take in the material. The book keeps the material at the simplest level possible to ensure maximum understanding by all audiences. I felt much more relaxed and prepared for the test knowing that I had studied all the material, plus it is also guaranteed to raise your score or you can apply to get a full refund!


    Bought a 46 inch seiki, 2 and a half years ago, superb picture, sound could be better but is is adequate. It has had a consistently good picture and brightness, my setting for brightness is still at 50%. If you can get one of these for a good price, scarf it up quickly. Picture is mush clearer and brighter than Toshiba or Sony.

  • Cassandra Wilson - Great product and great size

    As a Curly Girl routine follower I love being able to guy these larger bottles at a lower price. Love the product, I alternate between Low-Poo and No-Poo (no-poo about once a week) and that works for my hair.

  • Cassie - This is so going to help me!

    When I was young my mother gave me Ginkgo and St. John's Wort daily to help my "growing brain" as she called it and my "teenage hormones". I cannot say if they did or did not help but knowing what I do now about how important these supplements are I bet they did help and I still take my 20 odd amount of daily supplements to help me focus better and have more energy. I like how there is so much packed into these easy to swallow supplements. This should not be an immediate lift in my mood but over the course of a month I should notice a change. In today's diet we need extra help from supplements and I love the ones that are packed full....I need the help. I am a horrible eater and my lifestyle is very fast paced so when I can take something that will help me in every area I jump on board. These do not really smell, and if you are really sensitive to smells I recommend sticking them in the freezer so you can take them, I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I like that I only have to take twice a day and I don't have to remember to take it 4 times a day to get the benefits from this supplement. Very easy and I look forward to seeing the benefits of this!