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  • Amazon Customer - Sprayer Sucks Eggs

    No clue as to whether this thing will work or not but I can say for a fact that the sprayer is an absolute nightmare. Had to struggle with it for forty five minutes to get anything to come out and when it did it was less of a spray and more of a gardening hose with a little more trajectory.

  • TheNotoriousMOM - Effective. Bizarre. You'll molt like a snake, and then your feet will be crazy smooth.

    These are amazing. They're effective. They are the weirdest, longest pedicure process I've ever undergone. It took several days for the peeling to begin. After I applied the booties, the skin on my feet felt "tight", as if my skin was no longer big enough for my feet, until it started peeling. And then once it starts peeling...ooh, boy. You do not want to go anywhere where your bare feet will be visible. The peeling process is a slow process, taking up to a full week. If you get a good strip to start loosening up, go ahead and peel it. It's oddly gratifying to remove sheets of dead skin. Just be cautious to not be overly aggressive with peeling. Don't peel where it's not clearly loose and easy to lift. The layer of skin under the dead skin needs to toughen up just a bit before it's exposed. If you peel too aggressively, you will make yourself a tender foot and be limping around a day or so! (Ask my husband about his experience with this!) The soles of my feet came off in almost one big piece. It was half gross/half fascinating. They WORK. My feet weren't excessively gross or scaly, but it took 2 treatments, 2 weeks apart to get them really soft. My husband's feet were stereotypical gross man-feet with thick, crusty turtle-shell like man-leather for soles. His crazy thick skin took 3 treatments, 2 weeks apart to get nice and soft. Maintain with a good foot cream with lactic acid in it after your peeling is complete. We like the O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet, conveniently also sold here on Amazon!

  • Yet another Whitney - what i can tell you is that this is my second Samsung (the other lives on in another room) and they make amazing TVs. This one

    I'm not an audiofile or a telepfile or any sort of expert. I can't give you any tech talk, what i can tell you is that this is my second Samsung (the other lives on in another room) and they make amazing TVs. This one, with the worlds most SIMPLE remote, is my favorite yet. I dont know who would be unhappy. Huge fan.

  • Cory G. - Tax Cut over Turbo Tax

    I used Turbo Tax year after year, but switched to Tax Cut a couple years back and have not looked back. The first year I switched, it only included a single federal e-file, but now I believe it includes 5 federal e-files. State still costs extra if you opt to e-file your state return. I believe that runs closer to $15 or $20.

  • Krysouza - My brother loved them

    I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion of the product. My brother who plays footb absolutely loved these! They're nice and came packaged very well.

  • JRBH - Stunning!

    I buy these for my 6 year old Grand Daughter. I now have 6 of the Holiday Barbie's that I will give to her as a set when she is older. I started the collection when she was a Baby and now she chooses Barbie on her own. This will be a lovely surprise for her when we finally present them to her.

  • M. Spin - It's worked without issue for me

    I bought this particular brand of virus checker because I knew I had some viruses on my PC, but Trend Micro, Mcafee, and Norton's free scans did not detect them. Kaspersky found them and fixed them, and then I bought this to keep protection running in the background. I haven't had any virus problems since I installed it. The price is also good, and even though I really only needed it for 1 PC at the time I've bought it, I'm going to end up using it 3 computers ( just bought a new surface pro 3)