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  • Terry Reigel - The Estimator for Next Year's Taxes is an Embarrassment

    The main part of the program works well enough. But the estimator for the next year is a total embarrassment. I had thousands of dollars in taxes this year, and with an estimated reduction in income next year of $10,000, the program told me my taxes would be in total only $200!!

  • Amazon Customer - Overall a good headset personally I love the fact that it comes ...

    Overall a good headset personally I love the fact that it comes with a demo disc with 18 demos of some really fun games, me and my friends love it too it shows everyone else what the headset user is doing using the tv screen and there are games that make good use of that like playroom vr which is free from the psn store, The set up is easy to understand and comes with a cleaning cloth is does get a little sweaty in there so have a fan running, the other negative Id say is that the graphics arent as impressive is others but honestly I didnt mind, lastly its super comfortable.