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  • Critic Robert T. Paige - Streets and Trips 2013 with GPS Receiver

    I tried to install this on my Compaq Presario desktop computer with Windows XP Home Edition, but was unable to get it installed.


    I had applied for a professional career position, and wasn't informed on either of my two interviews that I was going to have to undergo a Drug Screening. I guess I should've expected it, but it wasn't even listed in the Job Ad. When I was accepted, I had to go away on a training program for the job. I was told that I had to take a Urine Test two days before I had to actually take it! Now I only smoke Marijuana, because I'm not a big drinker. I smoke everyday, but only at night to unwind and relax, like someone who would be kicking back a few beers! I took the Ultra Clean pill for the Urine Test, and apparently I drank to much water before the test, because the results came back, as a Diluted Sample, but I didn't test positive for Marijuana. I was then told that I would have to take a Hair Follicle Test while training. When the day came, I rushed from the training center, back to my hotel, to start the Ultra Clean process.

  • TiaRaini81 - Really pretty & works great! I recommend. May buy more.

    This is a really sleek and modern design and then it is whimsical and fun at the same time with the beautiful 7 different colored lights it cycles through. We added 6 drops of essential mint oil to our diffuser and it spread throughout the entire room almost instantly. There are two different mist settings on this diffuser: The first setting, when you hit the mist button begins the constant flow of scented, vapor mist coming from the top of the unit. The second time you hit the button it sets the mister setting to a timed mode versus the constant go setting. We love smelling our fragrance the moment we enter a room, so we prefer to use the constant mist setting. It is easy to fill and set up without need of the instructions. However, the product comes with a detailed instruction pamphlet that is really easy to understand. When the diffuser arrives it will come packaged in a beautiful, full color box (so I would say this item is perfect for gift giving) It is not noisy either, which means it would be a nice item in any room without disturbing your peace and quiet. In my opinion, I think having the oil diffused throughout the room with the soft lights on will only add to the peaceful ambiance of my bedroom. We have several scented wax warmers around our home and the scent only seems to carry so far and last for so long. I think the scent is so much more concentrated and laster longer out of this diffuser than a wax warmer. I know I will be changing over and buying more essential oils to use with this than I will be purchasing scented waxes from now on. I was provided this product for a discount or for free in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. In no way did this discount influence my written review of this item. I hope you find this review helpful. I will try and add some photos to this review after I find my cord for my digital camera.

  • Natasa - Everything you need to know

    I tutor for a lot of different tests, but here lately I’ve been helping some high school students prepare for the ASVAB.

  • klemm - My nephew loved it!

    I bought the album for my nephew for his 10th birthday and he loved it. I was impressed by the overall look of the album and liked the history written throughout the book. I also liked the see-through slots so each side of the quarter is visible.

  • Josph Famiglietti - Incremental improvements on an already-good package.

    I try to get this review up on release day, but this year, I've slipped just a bit. I'm Joey, I'm a beta tester for Nero, and my sole compensation is a free copy of the software; they don't pay me otherwise.

  • debbieM - Great Value

    This is a great product for the price. I am so glad I took a chance and purchased it for my new kindle fire 7". I absolutely love the magnetic closure and the stand makes it easy to watch movies hands free! The teal color is beautiful and makes it much easier to tell where I set it down!