(R)-Tetrahydropapaverine Hydrochloride 1-Decanethiol 2-Fluoro Adenosine 6-Thioxanthine Amlodipine Besylate (Base) Atipamezole Hydrochloride Atracurium Besylate And Its Intermediate Atracurium Oxalate, 1, 5-Pentanediol Diacrylate Dexmedetomidine HCl Be - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - kinfon pharmachem co.,ltd is a new high-tech company mainly engaged in the Manufacturing, Sales, Research of APIs, intermediates and other special chemicals. We are particularlycommitted to the R&D of complex molecules and higher-value APIs, custom ...

  • http://pharmachina.en.ecplaza.net/trimethylsilyl-2-fluorosulfonyl-difluoroacetate--137969-1464649.html Trimethylsilyl 2-(fluorosulfonyl)difluoroacetate - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - Name Trimethylsilyl 2-(fluorosulfonyl)difluoroacetate Synonyms Trimethylsilyl 2, 2-difluoro-2-(fluorosulfonyl)acetate Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C5H9F3O4SSi Molecular Weight 250.27 CAS Registry Number 120801-75-4 colorless or brown liquid; Assay:98% Contact with us:sales AT ...
  • http://pharmachina.en.ecplaza.net/2-phenyl-1-3-propanediol--137969-1493185.html 2-Phenyl-1,3-propanediol [1570-95-2] - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - Name 2-Phenyl-1, 3-propanediol Synonyms 2-Phenylpropane-1, 3-diol Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C9H12O2 Molecular Weight 152.19 CAS Registry Number 1570-95-2 Properties Melting point 53-56 ºC Contact us: [email protected]
  • http://pharmachina.en.ecplaza.net/alclometasone-17-21-dipropionate-66734--137969-1493555.html Alclometasone-17,21-dipropionate[66734-13-2] - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - Name Alclometasone-17, 21-dipropionate Synonyms (7a, 11b, 16a)-7-Chloro-11-hydroxy-16-methyl-17, 21-bis(1-oxopropoxy)pregna-1, 4-diene-3, 20-dione; Alclovate Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C28H37ClO7 Molecular Weight 521.05 CAS Registry Number 66734-13-2
  • http://pharmachina.en.ecplaza.net/azelastine-hydrochloride-79307-93-0--137969-1493556.html Azelastine hydrochloride[79307-93-0] - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - Name Azelastine hydrochloride Synonyms 4-[(4-Chlorophenyl)methyl]-2-(1-methylazepan-4-yl)-phthalazin-1-one hydrochloride Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C22H24ClN3O.HCl Molecular Weight 418.36 CAS Registry Number 79307-93-0
  • http://pharmachina.en.ecplaza.net/butoconazole-nitrate-64872-77-1--137969-1493557.html Butoconazole nitrate[64872-77-1] - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - Name Butoconazole nitrate Synonyms 1-[4-(4-Chlorophenyl)-2-(2, 6-dichlorophenyl)sulfanyl-butyl]imidazole nitrate Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C19H17Cl3N2S.HNO3 Molecular Weight 474.79 CAS Registry Number 64872-77-1 Properties Melting point 159 ºC (dec.)
  • http://pharmachina.en.ecplaza.net/dapoxetine-hydrochloride-129938-20-1--137969-1493558.html Dapoxetine hydrochloride [129938-20-1] - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - Name Dapoxetine hydrochloride Synonyms (1S)-N, N-Dimethyl-3-naphthalen-1-yloxy-1-phenyl-propan-1-amine hydrochloride Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C21H23NO.HCl Molecular Weight 341.88 CAS Registry Number 129938-20-1
  • http://pharmachina.en.ecplaza.net/diphenylphosphoryl-azide-26386-88-9--137969-1493560.html Diphenylphosphoryl azide [26386-88-9] - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - Name Diphenylphosphoryl azide Synonyms Phosphoric acid diphenyl ester azide; DPPA Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C12H10N3O3P Molecular Weight 275.20 CAS Registry Number 26386-88-9 EINECS 247-644-0 Properties Density 1.277 Boiling point 157 ºC (0.2 mmHg) Refractive index ...
  • http://pharmachina.en.ecplaza.net/entinostat-209783-80-2---137969-1493561.html Entinostat[209783-80-2] - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - Name Entinostat Synonyms N-[[4-[[(2-Aminophenyl)amino]carbonyl]phenyl]methyl]carbamic acid 3-pyridinylmethyl ester Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C21H20N4O3 Molecular Weight 376.41 CAS Registry Number 209783-80-2 Properties Density 1.315 Melting point 159-160 ºC
  • http://pharmachina.en.ecplaza.net/eprinomectin-123997-26-2---137969-1493562.html Eprinomectin [123997-26-2] - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - Name Eprinomectin Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C50H75NO14;C49H73NO14 Molecular Weight (914.14);(900.12) CAS Registry Number 123997-26-2 Properties Density 1.23 Melting point 163-166 ºC
  • http://pharmachina.en.ecplaza.net/etaqualone-7432-25-9---137969-1493563.html Etaqualone [7432-25-9] - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - CAS NO: 7432-25-9 MW: 264.33 EC NO: MF: C17H16N2O Specification: Synonyms: 2-methyl-3-(o-ethylphenyl)-4-quinazolelinone
  • http://pharmachina.en.ecplaza.net/etomidate-33125-97-2---137969-1493568.html Etomidate[33125-97-2] - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - Name Etomidate Synonyms 1-(1-Phenylethyl)-imidazole-5-carboxylic acid ethyl ester; Amidate Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C14H16N2O2 Molecular Weight 244.29 CAS Registry Number 33125-97-2 EINECS 251-385-9
  • http://pharmachina.en.ecplaza.net/febuxostat-144060-53-7---137969-1493569.html Febuxostat[144060-53-7] - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - Name Febuxostat Synonyms 2-[3-Cyano-4-isobutoxyphenyl]-4-methylthiazole-5-carboxylic acid; 2-[3-Cyano-4-(2-methylpropoxy)phenyl]-4-methyl-1, 3-thiazole-5-carboxylic acid Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C16H16N2O3S Molecular Weight 316.37 CAS Registry Number 144060-53-7
  • http://pharmachina.en.ecplaza.net/fipronil-120068-37-3---137969-1493572.html Fipronil[120068-37-3] - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - Name Fipronil Synonyms 5-Amino-1-[2, 6-dichloro-4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-4-[(trifluoromethyl)sulfinyl]-1H-pyrazole-3-carbonitrile Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C12H4Cl2F6N4OS Molecular Weight 437.15 CAS Registry Number 120068-37-3 Properties Melting point 200-201 ºC ...
  • http://pharmachina.en.ecplaza.net/latamoxef-sodium-64953-12-4--137969-1493574.html Latamoxef sodium[64953-12-4] - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - Name Latamoxef sodium Synonyms Moxalactam sodium salt; Disodium 7-[[carboxylato(4-hydroxyphenyl)acetyl]amino]-7-methoxy-3-[[(1-methyl-1H-tetrazol-5-yl)thio]methyl]-8-oxo-5-oxa-1-azabicyclo[4.2.0]oct-2-ene-2-carboxylate Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C20H18N6Na2O9S Molecular Weight ...
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  • http://pharmachina.en.ecplaza.net/n-butyldioxynojirimycin-base-72599-27--137969-1493581.html N-Butyldioxynojirimycin base [72599-27-0] - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - CAS No. 72599-27-0 Product Code MB06729 Molecular Formula C10H21NO4 Formula Weight 219.28
  • http://pharmachina.en.ecplaza.net/phenprobamate-673-31-4---137969-1493582.html Phenprobamate[673-31-4] - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - Name Phenprobamate Synonyms 3-Phenylpropyl carbamate Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C10H13NO2 Molecular Weight 179.22 CAS Registry Number 673-31-4 EINECS 211-606-1
  • http://pharmachina.en.ecplaza.net/ponazuril-98774-23-3---137969-1493583.html Ponazuril [98774-23-3] - Kinfon Pharmachem Co., Ltd - Products: Ponazuril CAS No.: 98774-23-3 Molecular Formula: C18H14F3N3O4S3 Molecular Weight: 489.5

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  • Constantinos Maltezos - One More Peg Added Due to Expense

    Avast and hear me sad tale o' woe, hearties. Me old pappy taught me everything he knew, aye, but he warned me that the one lesson I'd regret not payin' attention to was 'ow to avoid huge ships. Oh, me bein' a know-it-all lad, I reckoned that as I could avoid small ships and medium ships and even medium-to-large ships wit' ease, I needed no old salt's naggin' about 'ow to hard to port when I sees a giant floatin' hunk o' metal ahead. 'Twas a close call in the Gulf o' Mexico with a ship of huge size but sneakier than a tiger shark that raised me patch AND opened the lid of me remainin' eyeball. I heard about this here book and looked lively about gettin' it. When I saw the price o' two double aught pieces o' eight, though, I near dropped anchor in me pantaloons. Thinkin' I'd rather save me tin for women and gin, I passed on it.

  • C. BOST - I don't recommend, I am disappointed

    Messed up my computer, blocked access to me downloading, using email, internet access, I don't recommend, I am disappointed, I sent it back, no refund, but I understand it was way pass the date to get a refund, well I'll never recommend this product, and I won't buy it ever again.

  • Lynxhd - Better than most, does the job!

    It's not perfect but better than most. I have to really maneuver it to get it into the grooves of my tile floor but at least I can do that to get it clean. I also LOVE the fact that I can take it off and wash it each time. I don't put it in the washer I just wash it by hand in super hot water and soap and let it air dry. Love it that I know I'm cleaning the floor with a clean mop each time. Could be a bit more full in terms of the mop head but it does the job and as I said, better than others I've used!