There is a Healing Way beyond Pet Loss - Pet Loss Journey : Pet Loss Journey - We Love Our Pets With All Our Heart & Soul, So When They Die or Near Life’s End, The Sadness, Grief and Pain Runs Deep. This Pet Loss Guide is created for all animal lovers.

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  • Sara M - I have been an avid and daily user of Chi Silk Infusion for the past 12 years and have always thought it to be a superior produc

    I have very dry bleached hair that I have been trying to get on the mend. I have been an avid and daily user of Chi Silk Infusion for the past 12 years and have always thought it to be a superior product. A friend noticed how dry my ends and hair had been and recommended this product to me. I found this product in stores and salons but was discouraged slightly by the price since I just wanted to try it. I found this deal here on Amazon and figured it was worth a shot. I stopped using the Chi Silk Infusion and replaced it with this Biosilk Silk Therapy Original in my normal routine. I typically wash my hair and condition it every 2-3 days and then while it is wet I use a dime-nickle sized amount on my end sand through out my hair. The first day I remarked at how much lighter it felt on my hair and it didn't feel greasy. I have completely swapped out this product for the Chi as it absorbs better and makes my hair softer and more moisturized. I have noticed that my hair is healthier and in the process has grown about 2 inches because the health of my hair is so much better! Definitely purchase this product if your hair is dry or damaged and treat your hair right!

  • Jason Goeders - Fantastic light

    Very durable feel to it. 5 different light levels so one is sure to fit the circumstance. And very, very bright. The light is more diffuse then my pd 31 so it will light up a larger area but for distant objects the throw of the light doesn't seam to travel as far even though the pd 31 tops out at just over 300 lumens. So if you're looking for a spotlight like light this isn't it, the light isn't concentrated enough. But for a normal activity which covers 98% of what most of us do, the light is fabulous.

  • Shantia Mcgee - Amazing Ablum if he doesn't win a grammy I'm never watching it again!

    It was totally unexpected. I bought it because I heard Apparently. I listened to it from start to finish with no skipping! He says what every young black person is thinking. I haven't been in love with a tap album since Kane West Late Registration

  • e dizzle - Works

    Works fine initially but the inner electronics deteriorate after a few months, good stuff for such a cheap price, of course audio performance is no where near more expensive MP3 players or iPods levels...

  • Alex LeDudeman - It's a different kinda animal, but I love it.

    I personally love this ball, but I have to take one star off because nobody wants to play with it. Beginners and especially girls complain it's too hard, even though I have it inflated to slightly below regulation. They also complain it feels "small" even though it's official size. I love the panel design, the cover texture and feel, and the color scheme. I find it very easy to track in the air against a background of bright fluorescent lights which makes my hitting more consistent. The slightly denser feel of this ball compared to the crappy 18 panel Wilson and Baden balls at my gym makes it easier for me to place my sets, though hitting requires a bit more precision on the player's part. This is a player's ball, and if you got game, you'll probably enjoy it. If you're a beginner or complain when your forearms get red, then stick to your open gym's stock marshmallows.

  • Oaks - Best just dance to the set, No regrets BUYING at all

    This game was very well made and a great addition to the just dance collection. the gold edition adds a little something extra by giving the bonus of getting into the just dance online where hundreds of games are available. If you played any other just dance then you know that it's a lot of fun with a lot of people. But with the wii u, the bonus on top is you get to play with 5 people since the wii u mini screen can be used as well.

  • Najib and Rachel - Very high quality shea butter!

    This shea butter is 100% pure and it really shows! I use this shea butter in my DIY body care products, but I also like to use it just as a moisturizer. It takes other products well and can be combined with coconut oil or most other oils to make a cream that your skin will love.