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  • grabberbluestang - My 2nd Andis Trimmer

    This is my 2nd purchase, my first one lasted about one year. I am not a barber, I only use it on myself for beard trimming and shaping. I think it works well out of the box although I did have to adjust the blades they were noticeably not even. I keep it cleaned and oiled, but after 6+ months it really seems to lose its sharp cutting ability. I find that it gets clogged, needs to be taken apart to be clean and oiled quite frequently. Not a bad trimmer for the money if you don't mind taking it apart and cleaning/maintaining it. I find myself looking for something new after about 6 months, because a routine beard trim has turned into a 45 minute cleaning disassembling job.

  • David Shenton - SO much better than a Dyson

    I have had a Dyson for years and I have been happy with it. But a year ago, we moved into a three story home. And the Dyson is quite frankly, a bit heavy to lug around. With very little research I recently bought this Shark on kind of an impulse. It weighs probably 2/3 less than the Dyson. I now keep the Dyson upstairs and use the Shark on the level with the family room, living room, etc. It's great for carpet and hardwood floors. I used it on a carpet that I had vacuumed the day before with my Dyson and it got a disturbing amount of material up from my carpet. Plus, the lift away feature is AWESOME compared to my Dyson. It's phenomenal for going out into the garage and getting the car interiors. So light and easy to use. The fact that this was less than half the price of the Dyson is staggering to me. For the record, I am a guy, and this thing has me looking forward to vacuuming--almost. But I am also a parent. And this thing is so light, that my little kids can use it without me worrying about them clunking it into furniture (the way I do with the Dyson). I know this isn't the most organized review, but if you are looking at this as an alternative to the Dyson, BUY IT. You will not regret it.

  • E. E.L. - Relief At Last

    For two years I suffered horrible esophageal spasms and indigestion, daily, that would go on for hours. I tried everything I could think of and nothing worked. (antacids, etc.) Then one of my friends sent me an article that said one of the symptoms of a B-12 deficiency is digestive problems. A B-12 deficiency seemed a likely possibility since I have had my gallbladder removed and am taking omeprazole. After I had my gallbladder out the indigestion began and eventually got so bad the esophageal spasms started up. Horrible. It would radiate from my stomach up my chest and into my lower jaw, over and over for hours on end. I spent many nights fighting nausea and standing over a sink drooling heavily. I had no idea such misery was possible until it happened to me.

  • The Soto Moto - I don't like looking large on a bike that appears to small ...

    I wish I had all the lofty cycling lingo at my disposal to do justice to this road bike and its ride on the open road. First off, this bike is stunning. I chose 'black,' it's actually black and white, and in a style that exceeded my expectations. The Italian design of this bike is apparent and impressive. It took a full week after assembly to take it for a real spin, and there wasn't day, if not an hour that I would stop, look and admire. I'm 6'0" - 225-230lbs, with a 33in inseam and went for the XLarge. The chart put me at the top end of the Large, and bottom end of XLarge. I don't like looking large on a bike that appears to small for me. And while my stats put me on the cusp, I can see how the large might have been better suited if I were training to race on this bike. The smaller size would have afforded me greater agility. But I'm not racing, I'm cruising on open stretches of road. The bigger size suits my ego and objective. But, I repeat, my stats are on the line of going either way. If your measurements are not in the gray, I would say stick with the charts recommendations. A significant step up/below out of range could prove hazardous. I did a couple hours of research that paid off. This bike is better than entry level. You'll see.

  • Princess Lea - Nice Shine and Detangles Well

    Love this shampoo. My Silky Terrier hair detangled and left a shiny coat. I bought this shampoo for my Wheaton-like terrier for his itchy skin. I am hoping it works for the itching. The shampoo leaves the dogs hair shiny and manageable.

  • Ali S - Images for color are misleading

    Picture online is bright cobalt blue. Actual product is navy. Still nice, but not as pictures online.

  • carol hunter - it works, but it is expensive to use as an ongoing procedure.

    before I spend more on this product, it would have to become more affordable for someone on a fixed income.