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  • Amazon Customer - Very good.

    I'm not done with it yet. But I am enjoying it quite well. Though I have come across a few errors. There was some misspellings. Also it got the charts mixed up on the time. From joining JROTC and from having a military wife as a friend I am quite familiar with military time. And the chart just got them backwards. Other then these few problems it's an excellent study guide. I just wish it had more math problems.

  • Alice Dixon - Does everything I need

    I got a new MacBook Pro, and the Office for Mac I had been using on my old G4 would not work on it. The price of the new one was very reasonable. Some functions turned out to be a bit different, of course, but it was relatively easy to make any changes through preferences and other means. Happily, Office works well with Apple's new operating system. For example, swiping two fingers upward on a Word, Excel or any other page actually moves that page upward. No more fussing with scroll bars. (I have to dumb myself down when I use my husband's old PC.) Some people may be upset with the new way Find works, but it is so much better. No dialog box. Just the search word at top right. Be sure to hit the ESC key when done.

  • A. Partridge - Quite fun, but gets difficult quickly for beginner.

    First off, before buying Rocksmith, I'd never really played guitar. I picked up this game and a guitar at the same time. I absolutely love playing this game. The songs, the lessons, the games, they are all a lot of fun for a beginner. I assume the harder difficulties are fun for more experienced players. Although it isn't the big selling point of the game, I would recommend new players not forget to put some time in lessons and games to improve their skills. The songs aren't wasted time for learning, but the rest of Rocksmith is much better for learning.

  • Jason Baker - Love the Welded Lug

    I've read a few studies based on the performance of K&N oil filters, but I'm not an expert on engine performance or engine life, so I cannot proclaim that by using these oil filters you'll have a perfect engine. I can tell you that I put 135,000 miles a Dodge Cummins 2500; 1,500 miles on a Yamaha Grizzly ATV; 50,000 miles on a Ford F-150; and 115,000 miles on a Chevy Tahoe using these filters and have had no filter related problems.

  • BigRed - Sage = Garbage Timeslips = Garbage Stay 100 miles away

    I have been working in an accounting firm for 8 years now in IT. We are a small office about 20-30 employees and Timeslips was great and gave us no issues with the 2006 version. We finally had to upgrade or lose all support and what a mistake that was.

  • Gloria J. Mcgowan - Relacore

    This is the first product I have used that does curb my appetite without nervousness. I have already lost 6 pounds and know I will lose more. It is a great product.