Maxillofacial & Reconstructive Surgery, Oral & Dental Surgery - Medical Orofacial Surgery specializes in maxillofacial surgery, oral cancer, along with reconstructive surgery and dental implants using a high-tech

  • What is Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Medical Orofacial Surgery - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a surgical specialty which treats conditions of the mouth, jaws, face and neck, Specialized at Medical Orofacial Surgery

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  • Honest Reviews From DIY man - Very Difficult to Uninstal the "Free Trial" version, and has Annoying POP-UP every time you start your computer.

    I'm giving this software a one star because I can't give it zero stars. After downloading this software to my computer I had planned to use it for drafting and 3d printing. After the "free period" was up, I didn't have the over $200 to purchase the licensed. Here comes the problem. THIS SOFTWARE IS DIFFICULT TO REMOVE! It is still on my computer with an annoying POP-UP that I also have not figured out how to remove. If you have windows 7, and you go to "Programs and Features" where the program is supposed to be located (So you can uninstall it), you won't find it! Instead you can find lengthy instructions on how to remove it. and to this day, a month after I downloaded it, I can't use, I can't uninstall it, yet I still have an annoying POP-UP everytime I start my computer. Show SmartDraw this is not a good idea by not using this product.

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    Best Frankincense Oil Available.... We use a lot of oils in our house and in my practice... essentials oils are common but can also many times be diluted or from unreliable sources... Majestic Pure Frankincense is our Go To Source for purity and for the highest quality at the absolute best affordability...!!!

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    This stuff is really good, I was expecting it to be like jerky but its definitely different in texture and taste. I ordered the original, the post office for some reason sent it back to the seller before it was ever delivered. It was odd, but then the seller without saying anything sent it back to me and included a second flavor called Peri Peri (or something?) with a nice note. It was very nice so thank you to the seller! The 2nd flavor was my favorite! I really liked it, so did my pups :) . This product was given to me at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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