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  • Jim Besso - The test worked VERY well.

    I lost my install CD for my old version of Creator (version 9), so when I upgraded my laptop, I looked for a replacement. This option, a downloadable version from Amazon, was available for discount, because it was the "old version", although it was a couple of versions newer than the one I had been using. I installed this version on my new Windows 8 laptop, and it installs and runs perfectly. I like the feature enhancements from version 9, and the software itself is familiar enough for me to hit the ground running. I've mastered several DVD's already, and generated several slide shows of pictures with music and text overlays, and it couldn't have been easier. I've also clipped together movies from my camera with clips downloaded from youtube and facebook, and that worked very well... even a HD movie that was huge - over an hour total time. It took a while to render, to the final movie of course, but there were options to render it for use on a phone, various devices such as a tablet, ipad or video player, computer, dvd, blue ray, and more. Over all, I'm very happy with this version of Roxio, and with purchasing software on Amazon - they keep the info "in the cloud", so I can get to it later, and the process was very manageable. My test worked well, and I would absolutely do this again, when the opportunity arises!

  • Love Amazon - Great cards

    Great for making cards. I can customize them for the occasion. I even add pictures of my own to the pre done cards. It's a snap and so much cheaper in the long run than buying cards.

  • Petra Perkins - One of the best volumes of short stories ever

    I enjoyed the variety of authors and diverse stories better than ever this year. From short to longer, they were each extraordinary and memorable.

  • Deshika Brewer - Love it!

    I have this set up to ship every 3 months or so and its more than enough. I have a natural hair style and I tend to wet my hair every morening, apply a palm sized amount and let it sit. Once my hair dries it is soft and manageable and smells really good. So...

  • P. C. Hammond - Nothing else like it.

    One of the best gadgets ever. I can't understand why this has gone off the market. For single people and apartment dwellers, it's a Godsend. Really for anybody. It does everything it claims to do and can be stored almost anywhere. Mine went missing during a move. I'd dearly like to replace it. Even better, I'd like to get the franchise to sell them again. There's nothing else like this on the market. Can't understand it.

  • HaisemK - This case looks really sweet. I do appreciate how the Apple logo is ...

    ive always been against clear cases, but seeing what Spigen did with making the edge of the case clear made me cave in. This case looks really sweet. I do appreciate how the Apple logo is showing, while being protected by the clear backing. This case looks totally different than what souvenir usuallt puts out, and I'm totally loving this look! Will update this review after more use.