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  • Luvscavaliers - Nice First Chapter... A Few Spoilers Follow.

    There was a good idea here, but it got lost by the end of the first chapter. On a bitterly cold day a man walking his dog discovers a skeleton, carefully placed, and meant to be found. A grumpy forensic pathologist (is there any other kind?) calls a forensic odontologist out to the scene to help identify the remains. Two smart and savvy ladies are working over a small female skeleton and one of them is overwhelmed by a piece of evidence that connects the skeleton to her past. The stage has been set for an epic revenge story and I am enjoying this. A nice hook has been set with a fat little worm to tempt me, but then it just floats there...ignored by the author.

  • PhotoDorer - Best Server OS I've ever installed.

    Server 2012 R2 Standard (2CPU/2VM) is the best you can get currently depending of course on your purpose for the OS. Installation was a breeze and insanely faster than prior MSoft Server OS's. It's lightweight (for Windows) until you load up all the server roles you may need, but the whole point of this license is to allow you to keep the OS's light weigh by Virtualizing other machines and having the jobs spread out!

  • Stephanie Lawler - and as much as I loved feeling able to handle life

    I have been taking 1stPhorm's MasterBrain for about 3 full weeks now, and I am impressed. As a college instructor, a busy mom, and a student myself currently studying for my NASM personal training certification, my brain is running 100-miles an hour at all times. In every aspect of my life, I need to be "on" at all times, expecting nothing less than full-effort in any task that I do. With that external and internal stress, I constantly face mental-fatigue, and I am prone to anxiety as is typical for so many of us with a type-A personality. For years, I relied on anti-anxiety medication through some very stressful years of my life, and as much as I loved feeling able to handle life, I hated feeling numb to all feelings, good and bad. Through daily exercise and a clean diet, I successfully manage my anxiety most days without medication, but in times of high stress, those emotions take over and control my life.

  • Amazon Customer - NCLEX

    Great book, which helped my sister pass the NCLEX. Practice tests are a great indicator on whether you are prepared to take the actual test.