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  • tiggs - Black Seed Oil

    The first I used this product was Dec.2005. My daughter was over and I was complaining about a scratchy and sore throat. Said here Mom take 2 table spoons of this and you will feel better. What an unpleasant taste it had. But at that point I would try anything. To my amazement the next morning I was somewhat better. So I continued to use it. taking it in the morning and around 5 in the evening.Now I was an avid taker of sinus medications had a real bad case of Allergy's.After about 4 month I was cleaning out my purse one day and notice that It was past the time to refill a nasal sprays that I also used. To my amazement it had been 8wk since. I went to the doctors to get a check up and get the medications refilled. After all my test were done my allergy were under control, my blood pressure was down and my high cholesterial was down too. After 7 year I continue to take Black Seed Oil because it works for me and I can tell the difference in my sinus when I don't.

  • Amazon Customer - A boring tour through the Spanish Grammar

    This is not a very friendly language program. It is too obsessed with grammar at the beginning. When children learn a language they don't learn grammar first. They learn it AFTER learning a lot of basic phrases. It is the same for adults.