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    Good golf ball at a great prices definitely worth trying. I will be honest and say I got these golf balls because I thought they looked cool thinking it was going to be just another gimmick ball. But they are actually a really good ball I am shooting more accurate and they added at least 20 yards off the tee

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    I have two kiddos, both in size 3. A baby and a toddler. We never have blowouts or any issues. Have been using Swaddlers since our oldest was born. They withstand overnight wear and hold up well to all our playing throughout the day. They stay on as don't leak through jumping, running, eating (and spilling), playing in water, jumping in bouncy castles, and all the other things we do with our kiddos.

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    Because of recurring UTI's I was advised by my urologist to take a low dose prescribed antibiotic plus one cranberry tablet daily. So far so good.

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    A friend recommended Neutropix to help with energy and focus during studying so I tried it and have been very satisfied.

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    I was very anxious to start taking these. Reading up on them they are so much different from the rest. With these I had more energy and I did not feel jittery or wired. It even helped with my thought process. I even lost 3lbs which is great. I did notice that if I took it and did not eat then I would feel a little nauseous. Other than that this product is just what I needed.