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  • http://op-talk.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/03/06/how-to-find-more-time/ How to Find More Time - The New York Times - New research suggests our concept of time is malleable — and some simple strategies could make us feel like we have more of it.
  • http://op-talk.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/03/05/how-the-auto-bailout-helped-save-the-economy/ How the Auto Bailout Helped Save the Economy - The New York Times - Alan Krueger and Austan Goolsbee, former chairmen of the Council of Economic Advisers in the Obama administration, explain how the bailout was a big part of averting economic catastrophe.
  • http://op-talk.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/03/03/an-easier-way-to-fight-bullying/ An Easier Way to Fight Bullying? - The New York Times - New research suggests that bystanders may be more willing to intervene in bullying situations if they can do so without confronting the bully directly.
  • http://op-talk.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/03/02/readers-respond-on-how-we-learned-to-kill/ Readers Respond: On ‘How We Learned to Kill’ - The New York Times - An Op-Ed by Timothy Kudo, “How We Learned to Kill,” provoked an outpouring of comments about our military, killing and wars.
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  • http://op-talk.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/10/20/how-brain-myths-could-hurt-kids/ How Brain Myths Could Hurt Kids - The New York Times - Teachers around the world hold serious misconceptions about neuroscience, according to a new paper, and kids’ learning could suffer as a result.
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  • http://op-talk.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/02/20/what-if-we-lost-the-sky/ What If We Lost the Sky? - The New York Times - One proposal for reversing climate change could alter the appearance of the sky — and that in turn could affect everything from our physical health to the way we see ourselves.

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  • Diane Rodriguez - Finally something that works!

    I purchased this book because my 14 year old, autistic daughter kept gaining weight no matter what I did. We tried weight watchers, I took her to a nutritionist, but nothing worked. Finally, I took her to an endocrinolgist who diagnosed her with insulin resistance. After doing some research, I found this book. We started following the diet and the first week, she lost 2 pounds - she has never lost 2 pounds in a week - even on weight watchers! She is now down 11 pounds in about 5 weeks. She even lost 2 pounds while we were on a cruise. What I like is that it doesn't really eliminate anything which is very difficult for an autistic child. You just have to be mindful of the carb-protein ratios. We are finding the diet easy to follow and look forward to her finally reaching a healthy weight.

  • sandy spranger - Love it

    Excellent product have used Avalon Organics for years, good quality products, and the vitamin c cream is a wonderful product for your skin to keep it fresh

  • P. Gill - just the ticket for stag dos, rugby tours and the like

    Whilst not wanting to flog the concept to death, my review does not involve applying veet to the undercarriage. I'm somewhat of a legend scrumhalf (and lothario) in Pontyberem Rugby Football Club where I'm known for my killer haircuts. Over the years I've sported the George Michael (last Christmas) look, the Steve Beaton (the best looking man in darts) mullet and more recently, despite my advancing years and thinning pate, the Justin Beiber look.

  • Deborah L. Klein - Bright and Beautiful Blouse

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I feel very glamorous in this blouse. It is also versatile, matching almost any color skirt or pants. Hence, while expanding my wardrobe by one top, I have expanded my overall outfits almost infinitely. My only complaint is that the fabric snags too easy, so I have to be careful what jewelry I wear with it.

  • Skizik - Biggest Waste of $500

    I just had a 10" Solatube installed in my bedroom by the manufacturer. I went with the solatube since the way the eaves of the roof came down it was difficult to add more windows. It's the biggest waste of $500 that I've ever spent. It's in relatively small area of a bigger room that doesn't get a lot of light. The tube hardly changes the atmosphere of the room. Not sure if I should tell the installer to take it out, but that's just going to cost me more. I know other people have had more success with these, but I feel it's important to state that not everyone finds this product wonderful.

  • KharidiNj - Adequately challenging.

    Nice workbook for advanced kindergartners or first grade student. Introduces deceptive writing. Would have preferred the paper to be of a little better quality.

  • biglou - good free game

    Decent graphics easy to play. Many options to choose from. Much better that the original. Well worth downloading this app.