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  • Joel and Destiny V. - My favorite

    I have been drinking organo gold black coffee for a few years, and I have been purchasing it from amazon for the best price on it. This coffee has many health benefits, from better sleep, to better digestion and using the bathroom regularly (ha!) to lowering cholestorol levels, among many other benefits. Once you get used to the taste, you will love it! When I drink regular coffee, I almost want to spit it out due to how acidic it is, this coffee is alkiline and amazing. Give it a try, you'll be glad you did!

  • M. Fry - No achy joints -- and a bonus -- works for restless leg syndrome!!!!

    I got this because I had bursitis around my achilles tendon it and was keeping me from being as active as I usually am. This helped tremendously and 4 weeks later (I take 80,000 units a day) it's fine. During the first couple of weeks I was taking the Serrapeptase, I was involved in a fundraiser and was on my feet for about 10 hours. Normally, I wouldn't be able to stand for more than an hour or so. I was certain I'd have to spend the next few days in bed. I got up the next morning and was able to ride my bike for 10 miles! I am 62 years old and have had Restless Legs for about 10 years. I didn't really notice it at first, but about 3 weeks after beginning this supplement, I realized that the RLS has decreased by about 80%. I'm astonished! I've tried EVERYTHING for RLS and achy joints after being on my feet. I don't get it, but so far I've been taking it for about a month and I am really thrilled with the results. WOW!!

  • Sweet hopes - BE AWARE: Amazing Herbs is cheating on the Premium quality (which is the 1 u'll receive, unlike pictured) is poor poor quality!

    Amazing Herbs was making the good black seed oil, talking about the Standard quality, as they started with the Premium quality, they ruined it, it's all different, taste is much lighter, effectiveness is way too poor, I felt so bad about it, I did order from different stores & always received the Premium even if the picture shows the Standard, when I asked I was told amazing Herbs doesn't make the Standard anymore. I had to order from different brands that are more expensive, but I'm sure I get the good stuff.

  • Patrick E. Hansen - Good cable, terrible instructions

    I love this cable. Crystal clear audio and video. My only problem was that the instruction manual was very vague and misguiding. Long story short, I got it stuck in my urethra.

  • Tony Goldwater - Great product! Does the job!

    Engine service light went on, computer showed code for catalitic converter. I found this product by the word of mouth and decided to try it. It worked as advertized. I added it to a 1/4 filled tank, drove till I used almost all gas, then filled the tank full and the light never lit up. 6 months later I passed emission test. My car is 2003 Toyota Camry. Great product!!!!

  • L. Norris - Love This Software!

    I have had NO issues with this item. A few other reviews said they had problems with installing or losing their data. Initially, I could not get the CD to load. I got frustrated and put it down. The next day it loaded perfectly on my first try. I have a 3 yr old Toshiba laptop running Windows 7.

  • Betty Boop - Fit well, easily stained

    Fit my GE range perfectly, I wish they would make non stick drip pans however, they get stained easily and don't clean well. I replace them way too often as I like nice shiny clean drip pans, not ones that have some sort of staining (not burnt on stains either as I clean them after every meal cooked) that will not come off with stainless steel, sponges, magic erasers, cleansers, grease cutters or oven cleaner etc. Going to get the disposable inserts for them from now on.