Inicio - Toda la información de Córdoba en Onda Mezquita. La actualidad, los vídeos a la carta y la emisión en directo.

  • ¿Quiénes somos? - Onda Mezquita es la televisión local líder en TDT en Córdoba y su provincia. Con 105.000 telespectadores según el último estudió general de medios, es...
  • Contacto - Onda Mezquita se encuentra situada en el polígono La Torrecilla Onda Mezquita Tv C/Ingeniero Juan de la Cierva, 18 14013 Córdoba (España) Teléfono: 95...

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    City: -3.684 , Spain

  • Nette - Better Than I Was Expecting

    So I wasn't sure about this purchase.Although I like some of the stuff I hear by J. cole on the radio, he's a young artist so I was thinking not a lot of thought probably went into his release with the top subjects these days being drugs, sex and money. Well, I was wrong! This is a nice release and I listened to every track and then I did again. Meaty lyrics, great voice, fun sound, sufficient tracks, I am digging this artist and looking forward to going back and hearing some of his earlier releases. His credits were mad funny though you won't sit through them after the first listen.

  • Baby Sweats - An engaging experince with photo-realistic graphics to give a surreal look at WW1

    Prior to this battlefield, I have never played this series before. I have always enjoyed the Call of Duty style and perfer it. But, with the lastest COD game, it has gone stale and repetitive. The COD beta playthrough I had, just remined me of Black Ops 3 and just really felt lackluster. Seeing the Battlefield trailers and wanting to take a break from future warfare, I gave BF1 a chance. Holy Cow, what a difference in terms of gameplay and immersion. The sounds and look of the game just make a refreshing change of pace for FPS's. The storyline is short and multiplayer is not what I'm use to but, It is so damn fun and immersive, I don't see myself going back to COD anytime soon. Just the little things add to the experience, like when capturing a flag and music starts to play and your squadmates yell out a war cry, just puts a smile on your face. In the end, I'm glad I took a chance on BF1, it's truly a must own game that grabs your attention into the brutal and savage war.

  • Jeff - Had to order longer retaining bolts.....

    Better have an extra $16.30 in your pocket (and a little extra patience too) if you are trying to install a HitchSafe on a 2005 or newer Toyota Tacoma because the retaining bolts supplied are too short. I went to their website and live chatted with them and they directed me to a link (Not Amazon) where the longer bolts can be purchased for a total of $16.30 with shipping. They haven't arrived yet so I don't know if they will be the solution I am looking for but I am hopeful. On the plus side the HitchSafe does appear to be of good quality. Is it worth the price? I don't know about that one. The fact that they wouldn't just send me the longer bolts for free certainly put a me off but I guess if the thing saves me from locking myself out of my truck even once then it has probably paid for itself.

  • Edward Su - Nice stubby

    Antenna is great. Cooler than the long factory one. Easy to install. Came with 2 different mounting attachments. Shipping is always fast an easy with Amazon!