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  • Amazon Customer - Speechless!

    I saw the great reviews for this product and said "what the heck, let's give it a try. It's only $20.00" After two days using it, I looked on the mirror and I thought I was seeing, or rather, not seeing things! My crow's feet around my eyes were fading. On the 4th day, my big frown line on my forehead is gone. I don't know what to say or think! It's just unbelievable. I have been on Renova but it takes too long to work. I was seriously thinking about buying Chanel Sublimage for $372. This little bottle does the trick. I don't know how much it will help with my parenthesis around my mouth. Only time will tell, but what I've seen so far, it's amazing. I am 51 years old.

  • Denise - Excellent

    Item was delivered in time and packaged well. The Sitar was beautiful and a great price. I would recommend this item and seller. They did a wonderful job.

  • Kate Flynn - Not happy......

    Super flimsy. To make it worse, the handles get so hot, you can burn your hands even with pot holders!

  • jallgor - one character was introduced who was into "classic music" aka rock-n-roll which would be fine if they were an odd duck but then

    I read the three books in this trilogy and found them enjoyable. I had some issues with the plausibility of the whole premise of the books which required some real suspension of disbelief. The notion that humanity could lose, I think it was 60% of the population in the books, suffer massive tidal waves and nuclear winters and be spacefaring in 50 years is simply not believable. The Cataclysm as described in the book would knock humanity back the stone ages. What was most jarring for me were the repeated references to 20th and 21st century pop culture among the characters. It was as if there was no pop culture for 200 years. There was even an Occupy Wall Street reference that I found to be ludicrous. At first, one character was introduced who was into "classic music" aka rock-n-roll which would be fine if they were an odd duck but then every character in the book was conversant in popular culture from 200 years before they were born. This really took my head out of the story. Like I said, I found them enjoyable easy reads but flawed.